Bachelor star Chris Soules breaks his silence over fatal accident

Vehicular manslaughter is a class C felony that carries a maximum penalty of ten years in jail and a $10,000 fine.
By Carmelo Sheppard | Apr 30, 2017
Chris Soules has for the first time spoken since he allegedly knocked down and killed his neighbor in Arlington, Iowa, early Tuesday morning.

The 35-year-old Bachelor star was apprehended after allegedly calling 911 from the scene of the accident, then taking off after he couldn't feel the pulse of Kenneth Mosher, 66.

"My family and I are overwhelmed with this tragedy, but we are sticking together, and we'll get through it," Soules said to In Touch.

According to celebrity website TMZ, police have seized Soules' cell phone and will be looking at call logs, messaging services, his pictures, and social media to determine whether he was distracted at the time of the accident.

If it is found out that he was distracted, then Soules could be charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Vehicular manslaughter is a class C felony that carries a maximum penalty of ten years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

The crash occurred at around 8 pm Monday. Kenneth Mosher's tractor was rammed off the road and into a ditch. Soules was driving his pickup truck.

Two 911 calls from the crash site reveal how Soules called for help and tried to save the fellow farmer, before fleeing in another driver's truck once police arrived.

The star was arrested at his home in Arlington, approximately six miles from the scene of the accident.

He was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal accident, a Class D felony.

Soules was released from custody after posting a $10,000 bond on Tuesday. He is expected to return to court on May 2.

According to Us Weekly, the former reality television star is being closely monitored in case he attempts to flee.


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