Chris Gaines questions former partners over "Fixer Upper" lawsuit

Fixer Upper star, Chip Gaines questioned his partners at Magnolia Real Estate Company over a $1 million lawsuit.
By Aaron Sims | May 01, 2017
Fixer Upperstar, Chip Gaines questioned his partners at Magnolia Real Estate Company over a $1 million lawsuit.

The lawsuit, which concerns the hit HGTV show, was filed on Wednesday by John L. Lewis and Richard L. Clark in Waco, Texas. Both Lewis and Clark, former real estate partners of Gaines, allege that Gaines bought them out of the company without telling them of the deal he made with HGTV about the show. The buyout occurred approximately four years ago, which is before the show aired. Gaines wondered why his supposed friends did not call or e-mail him personally over the four year period if they had concerns about the fidelity of the negotiations.

"Fyi: Ive had the same cell # 15 yrs.. same email for 20 yrs. No one called or emailed?" tweeted the 42 year old Gaineson Friday. "[Four] years later 'friends' reach out via lawsuit.. humm."

"We are confident that these claims will be found to be meritless, and it is disappointing to see people try to take advantage of the hard work and success of Chip and Joanna Gaines," stated Jordan Mayfield, attorney forChip and Joanna.

David Tekell, attorney for Lewis and Clark, maintained that all of the accusations in the lawsuit are founded. He said that there is a trail of proof for the wrongdoing perpetrated by Gaines.

"It is all completely true and supported by actual facts," said Tekell. "There are extensive quotes from texts and emails stated in the lawsuit that are accurate."


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