Journalists question Trump Russia connection

Journalists are questioning the connection between U.S. President Elect Donald Trump and Russia.
By Kristy Douglas | Jan 14, 2017
Journalists are questioning the connection between U.S. President Elect Donald Trump and Russia.

Seemingly erroneous mediareports, including a dossier published by Buzzfeed,surfaced accusing President Elect Trump of colluding with Russia onthe hacking of Democratic National Committee e-mails. Although these accusations seemed baseless, they began a more sincere questioning of Trump and his connection to Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

President Elect Trump often praised Putin and his policies during his presidential election. Russia and the United States of America have carried on a long term rivalry with one another, which made the comments by Trump shocking to some. Trump supporters argued that Trump was attempting to turn a long time enemy into an ally. Trump also seemed to invite Russia to hack more Democratic partye-mails although he never conceded that it was Russia that performed the first 2016 presidential election hacks. Trump seemed to try to avert the suggestion of theAmerican intelligence community that it was indeed Russia that committed the hacks and even went so far as to suggest that he may lift some of the sanctions against Russia that were meant as punishment for the hacks. Trump also supported the Russian invasion of Crimea.

"How do we explain the overtly pro Russian behavior of Trump and his surrogates? If they're not Russian puppets, why do they work so hard to defend Russia against American investigators and reporters? Why do they divert blame to other countries and victims of the hack?" asked Slate writer, William Saletan.


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