US oil companies will not operate in Russia
US oil companies will not operate in Russia
Jason Spencer - 6 hours ago
The declaration served to make clear that the United States plans to maintain a tough stance on sanctions on Russia.
Ian Marsh - Mar 29, 2017
Despite the criticism that was recently leveled on Meryl Streep by United States President Donald Trump, a new study has found that admiration and respect for Hollywood women are at an all-time high.
James Carlin - Mar 08, 2017
Wikileaks on Tuesday released what appears to be the largest leak of CIA documents in history.
Jose Jefferies - Mar 06, 2017
Dr. Ben Carson compared American slaves to immigrants on Monday.
Jason Spencer - Feb 23, 2017
Jeremy Morrow - Feb 23, 2017
Sabrina De Sousa, 61, was among 26 Americans convicted of kidnapping suspect cleric Osama Moustafa Hassan Nas, also known as Abu Omar, from a Milan street on Feb.
James Carlin - Feb 22, 2017
In a statement, Ryan announced that he was committed to working with the U.S. President Donald Trump administration in order to bring its vision of border security to fruition.
Josh Curlee - Feb 22, 2017
The plotters planned to prevent the country from joining NATO, Montenegrin news site quoted Katnic as saying.
James Carlin - Feb 22, 2017
Video footage showed burning wreckage strewn across the mall's car park and a thick column of black smoke rising from the crash site.
Jose Jefferies - Feb 18, 2017
A senior administration official said Trump came in the morning and said he wanted to do a press conference.
Aaron Sims - Feb 18, 2017
In announcing his resignation on Monday, Flynn said he briefed the President- Elect with incomplete information.
Jose Jefferies - Feb 18, 2017
Pakistan has closed two of its border crossings and asked Kabul to hand over 76 terrorists following a suicide attack at a crowded Sufi shrine that killed around 75 peopl
Jason Spencer - Feb 17, 2017
Rep. Joseph Crowley (D, New York) criticized the National Guard memo released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
Adam Widmer - Feb 16, 2017
US President Donald Trump has gone against the long held belief by previous administrations about the framework of a two-state peace deal between Israel and Palestine.
Adam Widmer - Feb 16, 2017
US defense officials have confirmed that a Russian spy ship has been spotted off the coast of Groton, Connecticut, where Naval Submarine Base New London is located.
Carmelo Sheppard - Feb 14, 2017
Human Rights Watch(HRW), has accused the Syrian government forces of using chemical weapons in their last battle to try and capture the key city of Aleppo.
James Carlin - Feb 11, 2017
Iran has scoffed at any military strike plans that the Trump administration would conjure up, warning that there 'would be dark days.'
James Carlin - Feb 11, 2017
It is still not clear what the threats were about, but law enforcement agencies have increased patrols and protective officers for the Judges signaling that they were taking the issue seriously.
Jose Jefferies - Feb 09, 2017
Despite a fierce battle over his human rights record and an attempt by Democrats to block him, the US Senate has confirmed Senator Jeff Sessions as the attorney general.
Dirk Trudeau - Feb 08, 2017
On February 7th three Federal Judges sat to listen to arguments in the Washington versus Trump matter.
James Carlin - Feb 08, 2017
Branson offered Obama a challenge to learn how to kite surf while he took up a challenge of his own, just to keep things interesting.
Harry Marcolis - Feb 06, 2017
Mattis stepped in to allay China's concerns, saying that the only country that should be wary of THAAD was North Korea.
Vicky Webb - Feb 06, 2017
US President Donald Trump has slammed US District Judge James Robart who last week put on hold Trump's executive order on the travel ban he had issued, on 7 Muslim-majority countries.
Jose Jefferies - Jan 30, 2017
Former U.S. President Barack Obama spoke out about U.S. President Donald Trump banning refugees from several nations.
Linda Mack - Jan 22, 2017
Chelsea Clinton took to social media to defend Barron Trump.
Tobi Gerdes - Jan 22, 2017
Madonna attempted to clarify remarks she made at the Women's March on Washington on Saturday.
Josh Curlee - Jan 21, 2017
Worst still, the Russians have supposedly got this experience on tape and used it to blackmail the President of the United States.
James Smith - Jan 20, 2017
The National Park services have issued 22 permits for demonstrations during the inauguration week.
James Carlin - Jan 19, 2017
John Lewis has stated that he believes that Trump's presidency is illegitimate and that he will skip the inauguration ceremony on 20th January.
Billy Kirk - Jan 19, 2017
First, he announced the wrong Miss Universe live on TV and had to take away the crown already set on the runners up's head.
Sarah Webb - Jan 19, 2017
The social media company has got through a lot of ups and downs over the past ten years.
Sam Klein - Jan 19, 2017
Former U.S. President, Bill Clinton, sent well wishes to the George Bush family on Wednesday.
Jose Jefferies - Jan 13, 2017
Suffice the president's move being noble in all sense of the word; the timing is a bit off.
Tobi Gerdes - Jan 12, 2017
The U.S. Justice Department will open an investigation into misconduct allegations in the FBI Clinton e-mail probe.
Tracy Williams - Jan 06, 2017
He insisted that was almost unheard of a president claiming to know more than the intelligence units.
David Sims - Jan 03, 2017
Apart from his over for Twitter, it appears that his love for suspense has grown tenfold.
Tobi Gerdes - Jan 03, 2017
He was interviewed and asked what he thought about the allegations that Russia influenced the elections.
Harry Marcolis - Dec 31, 2016
Bernie Sanders (I, Vermont) is against the privatization of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
Clint Huston - Dec 30, 2016
America's President-elect Donald Trump has distanced himself from plans by the Obama administration to impose sanctions against Russia for its alleged interference with the Country's last election.
Vicky Webb - Dec 30, 2016
Bears Ears was allocated to the five dominant tribes who have lived there for generations.
Sarah Webb - Dec 29, 2016
U.S. President Barack Obama reflected on his mother on an episode of The Axe Files podcast.
Dirk Trudeau - Apr 08, 2017
Seattle Mayor, Ed Murray, has been accused of sexually abusing three children.
Aaron Sims - Apr 06, 2017
Hillary Clinton has called for an independent investigation into the involvement of Russia into the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.
Jason Spencer - Apr 06, 2017
Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon have continued their months long feud.
Dirk Trudeau - Apr 06, 2017
U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes (R, California) has recused himself from the Russia investigation.
Harry Marcolis - Mar 28, 2017
New polls show that American citizens are split on their opinions of sanctuary cities.
Alex Bourque - Mar 28, 2017
GOP House Speaker, Paul D. Ryan, spoke about the push to overhaul the American health care system.
Jason Spencer - Mar 23, 2017
Former governor of Texas, Rick Perry, has called for an investigation into the first openly gay Texas A & M University student body president.
Adam Widmer - Mar 18, 2017
Donald Trump has continued to defend his allegations that his New York offices were wiretapped by the Obama administration.
Sarah Webb - Mar 16, 2017
Rex Tillerson, American Secretary of State, began his first major foreign trip in Japan on Thursday.
Tracy Williams - Mar 16, 2017
The United States Justice Department charged two Russian intelligence officers on Wednesday with directing a massive criminal conspiracy that stole data on 500 million Yahoo accounts in 2014.
David Sims - Feb 23, 2017
The significance of this new attempt and the language of which is expected as soon as Wednesday, is reflected in the participation of White House Counsel Don McGahn.
Jeremy Morrow - Feb 20, 2017
More than 100 protesters across the country were fired from their jobs after skipping work to take part in last week's "Day Without Immigrants" demonstrations.
James Smith - Feb 20, 2017
However, some of Trump's closest aides have also criticized him in the past.
Robert Balkovich - Feb 14, 2017
Flynn resigned early Monday following revelations that he misled administration officials regarding his communications with the Russian ambassador.
Adam Widmer - Feb 13, 2017
China has finally condemned North Korea's test of a reportedly new missile 24 hours after the launch.
Vicky Webb - Feb 13, 2017
Concerns have been raised by Immigration Rights Activists over the weekend raids by Immigration enforcement officials over the weekend.
Harry Marcolis - Feb 11, 2017
A proposal has been advanced by lawmakers in Mississippi to introduce firing squads, electrocution and the gas chamber as implementation methods.
Ian Marsh - Feb 04, 2017
The Bowling Green terrorist case was revived in the wake of a Kellyanne Conway error.
Carmelo Sheppard - Feb 03, 2017
Just ten days after assuming office, President Donald Trump has already signed two proclamations, seven executive orders, and seven presidential memoranda.
Harry Marcolis - Feb 03, 2017
Musk said that he had a found an opportunity in the forum where he would be able to give feedback on issues that were of national interest, and matters of critical concern.
Chad Young - Feb 03, 2017
Betsy Devos'confirmation to be President Trumps Secretary of Education may hit a snag after two Republican Senators said they would be voting against her confirmation.
Gian Mccann - Feb 02, 2017
Carmelo Sheppard - Feb 02, 2017
The letter informed Yates that the President had terminated her services, and a few minutes later, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, lashed at Yates through a press statement.
Harry Marcolis - Feb 02, 2017
As President Trump's travel ban takes effect, there is a lot of confusion with court cases, pointing fingers and both sides of the issue demonstrating passion and resolve not to budge.
Clint Huston - Feb 02, 2017
In a letter to Starbuck's employees, the company said it would help any affected workers in any way it could.
James Carlin - Jan 31, 2017
President Donald Trump has announced that he will include the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), to the National Security Council(NSC).
Chad Young - Jan 30, 2017
American officials have expressed widespread criticism of the appointment of President Trump adviser, Steve Bannon, to the U.S. National Security Council.
Alex Bourque - Jan 30, 2017
Trump quickly bought the idea as he felt that the results will justify the means.
Aaron Sims - Jan 30, 2017
The lawyer was very open when he was asked why he launched the petition and said it was not because of Trump's stand but because of Trump as a person.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 30, 2017
In a surprise, but expect the turn of event, President Trump put pen to paper and declared seven countries persona nongranta on US soil.
Harry Marcolis - Jan 27, 2017
One this Britain hopes May and Trump do not touch their health care system which many believe was the foundation for Obama Care.
Dirk Trudeau - Jan 27, 2017
Androids are considered very easy to hack, and that is what is causing jitters to Trump's security team and close aides.
Robert Balkovich - Jan 25, 2017
Often supporters hope that the promises made during a campaign are fulfilled or at least initialized.
Jason Spencer - Jan 25, 2017
After her presidential bid failed, Hilary Clinton still has to get on with her life suffice the tough situation.
Josh Curlee - Jan 24, 2017
After the inauguration on 20th January, the media went on to compare the attendance of past events to Trump.
Jason Spencer - Jan 24, 2017
In fact, this was less than factual, and many would brand it as a lie, But not Kellyann who insisted that these were alternative facts.
Jason Spencer - Jan 23, 2017
Emanating from a Facebook post, the number of people who joined in the march to protest against Trump's inauguration surpassed all estimates, reaching over a million.
Jason Spencer - Jan 21, 2017
As much as she tried to hide her anger and remorse with a robotic smile, her true self-kept on peeping giving the world a glare.
Jason Spencer - Jan 21, 2017
What this means institutions can intemperate Obama Care more loosely, they can choose what works for them and discard what does not.
James Smith - Jan 21, 2017
The protestors argued that the only good thing that has come from the election is that people of all races and genders have united, even if it is to protest, it has brought people together.
Josh Curlee - Jan 20, 2017
El Chapo was on the run for two years before his capture and quickly those of the most wanted person in Mexico.
Vicky Webb - Jan 19, 2017
Donald Trump's Twitter account is the most powerful news media at the moment.
Josh Curlee - Jan 16, 2017
A statement made by President- Elect Donald Trump on NATO is being 'obsolete' is causing fear and concern.
Tyler Henderson - Jan 16, 2017
Close aides of Mr. Trump also declined to provide further details of the health plan.
Jason Spencer - Jan 16, 2017
The South Korea's special Prosecutor is seeking an arrest warrant for the head of the Samsung group Jay Y.
Jason Spencer - Jan 16, 2017
Another study estimated that if all 20 million people covered by Obamacare lost their insurance, 20,000 would die as a result which is a lower rating compared to Sanders.
James Carlin - Jan 15, 2017
U.S. President Elect Donald Trump is aiming to bring insurance to everyone by replacing Obamacare.
Kristy Douglas - Jan 14, 2017
Journalists are questioning the connection between U.S. President Elect Donald Trump and Russia.
Jose Jefferies - Jan 14, 2017
Trump was also asked if he agreed to the One China policy where the US does not recognize Taiwan as an independent state.
Simon Smith - Jan 13, 2017
Steve Harvey spoke out about meeting with U.S. President Elect Donald Trump.