Alicia Keys reveals her 'If I ain't got you' hit was inspired by Aaliyah's death

Alicia Keys has revealed that her 2004 hit 'I I ain't got you' came to be after she learned of Aaliyah's death
By Clint Huston | Mar 29, 2017
Alicia Keys has revealed that her 2004 hit 'I I ain't got you' came to be after she learned of Aaliyah's death.

In an interview with a United States online show, Keys said that the song, which is one of her 'favorite songs' ever, at least temporarily shifted her focus.

"I actually wrote it right after I heard that Aaliyah passed away, and I was on a plane, and I think being on a plane and knowing she passed away after a plane crash, there was just this sentiment of being present in the moment and really nothing else mattering but those you love," Keys explained.

She added that while the story and music manifested easily, landing on a finished version was not easy. Keys said that she wrote the song quickly, but producing it the way listeners hear it 'took forever.'

She said that at first, nothing would come out right. Every version and arrangement that she initially did came out wrong.

Keys, however, noted that the song was still worth the effort, voicing her surprise that the hit, which won her a Grammy, is still resonant more than a decade after its release.

Meanwhile, Chris Brown and Rihanna might be going through a couples therapy to ensure that their tumultuous relationship lasts longer this time.

Since the two ended their relationships with Karrueche Tan and Drake they have reconnected on social media.

Brown started following the Barbadian-born star on Instagram, in a move that did not escape their hawk-eyed followers.

Rihanna's friends, who recall how Brown assaulted her in 2009 and left her by the side of a California road with several injuries, are worried she will follow her heart and go back to her abuser.

They could be right as this week, a Chris Brown spy 'revealed' that Rihanna will go to therapy with the 'Wall to Wall' star to make sure things work out.


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