Amazon's touchscreen Alexa could launch this week

Reports claim that Amazon could launch its latest touchscreen Acho Smart assistant on Tuesday.
By Adam Widmer | May 11, 2017
Reports claim that Amazon could launch its latest touchscreen Acho Smart assistant on Tuesday.

The speaker is expected to pack a 7inch touchscreen display.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the assistant, codenamed Knight, will add the ability to make voice and video calls to the Alexa assistant.

Amazon hopes that will massively increase the usefulness of its smart assistant Alexa.

After AFTV News discovered low-resolution versions on Amazon's site, Evan Blass at Venturebeat tweeted images of the device in both white and black.

"It looks like the device is angled upwards slightly," the AFTVNews site said, adding that this will allow it to be used while standing above.

Above the device's screen is what appears to be a camera, catalyzing rumors it will have video calling capabilities.

CNET said that Amazon would reveal the new echo device next month.

Earlier this week, Amazon introduced echo Look, a 'style assistant' camera. It is priced at $200.

According to CNET, the tech giant got a 'wake-up call' last week after Google announced that its Home Smart speakers can now identify multiple users, a feature Echo devices don't have.

The new device may help Amazon expand and improve the Echo's capabilities in areas including video chats and online shopping. If such improvements are made, the gadget will become a must-have-item for households.

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners said in January that Amazon sold approximately 8 million echo devices in the United States since the product first launched.

Bloomberg revealed earlier this year that the new version of the popular speaker would come with a 7-inch touchscreen.

"the new device will have a touchscreen measuring about 7 inches, a major departure from Amazon's existing cylindrical home devices that are controlled and respond mostly through the company's voice-based Alexa digital assistant," Bloomberg revealed, quoting two sources close to the matter.

Amazon is facing massive competition for the Echo, with figures released Monday claiming that 0ver 5.1 million devices have been sold.

The company refused to reveal the exact number.


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