Americans split on sanctuary cities

New polls show that American citizens are split on their opinions of sanctuary cities.
By Harry Marcolis | Mar 28, 2017
New polls show that American citizens are split on their opinions of sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities are usually defined as cities that refuse to comply with the policies put forth on undocumented immigrants by the Donald Trump administration. Many willnot inform immigration authorities when they have arrested undocumented immigrants. Both U.S. Secretary General Jeff Sessions and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer cited a Harvard University-Harris Poll that suggested that 80 percent of Americans were against sanctuary cities. A February McClatchy-Marist poll taken in February asked U.S. adults two questions about sanctuary policies.

" 'Sanctuary City' is a term used to describe U.S. cities which do not enforce immigration laws and allow undocumented immigrants to live there and, in many cases, receive services. Which comes closer to your opinion? Undocumented immigrants should be deported so there is no reason to have sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are needed to provide services to undocumented immigrants while they are in this country, " read the first question. 41 percent of U.S. adults responded that there was no reason to have them, and 50 percent responded that they are needed.

"Do you support or oppose the federal government cutting funds to cities that provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants?" asked the second question.42 percent supported cutting funds while 53 percent opposed.

"Some so-called 'sanctuary' cities refuse to assist federal authorities detain and deport illegal immigrants do you favor or oppose penalizing those cities by taking away their federal funding?" asked a Fox News poll taken this month. 41 percent supported the penalties. 53 percent opposed taking away federal funds.


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