Anna Faris recalls experiencing sexual harassment on movie set

She and her guest, actress Arianne Kebell, both said that Hollywood actresses have a difficult time protecting themselves from harassment but expressed hope that more public exposure of the problem might deter more would-be harassers over time.
By Mark Schwartz | Oct 25, 2017
The actress Anna Faris shared her own experience of sexual harassment in Hollywood. Speaking on-air with actress Arielle Kebell during an episode of Faris' podcast, Unqualified, Faris described an incident in which a male film director smacked her derriere on the set of a film that they were producing.

The incident happened during a scene when Faris was standing on a ladder and removing books from a shelf, she said. She did not identify the director or the film, but said that bystanders were present but that none of them confronted the director over his behavior.

"And all I could do was giggle," Faris told Kebell during the episode, which was released Tuesday. "I remember looking around and I remember seeing the crew members being like, 'Wait, what are you going to do about that? That seemed weird.'"

Faris has starred in 22 Jump Street, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Scary Movie 4, and The House Bunny. She also played a role in the television series Mom, which ran from 2013-2018.

She added that the incident made her feel "small" and that the unwillingness of any crew members to speak up led her to try to brush it off in her own mind at the time as "not that big of a deal." But she also pointed out that the director would never have done this to a male actor.

Kebbel said that she could relate. She told her host that she has found herself giggling in many situations in which powerful male figures in the industry said or did something inappropriate to her. Both women agreed that actresses face great difficulty defending themselves from sexual harassment but expressed hope that harassment behavior might decline with time as media shed more light on it.


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