Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles, is sued for failing to clear a legal bill

Beyonce Knowle's father has been accused of defrauding his former lawyers up to $50,000 for refusing to pay a legal bill.
By Aaron Sims | Mar 29, 2017
Beyonce Knowle's father has been accused of defrauding his former lawyers up to $50, 000 for refusing to pay a legal bill.

According to a filed lawsuit, Mathew Knowles is charged with having hired Lang Ferrer Law in November last year but later refused to pay them over the course the following months.

The lawsuit says Knowles recruited the firm to represent him and his company, Music World Properties, for an unrevealed legal matter.

In the documents it presented, the law firm claims to show proof that it followed through on its end of the deal and provided legal services worth $ 49, 120.35.

However, the law firm goes on to claim that Knowles was the one who then did not follow through on his side of the deal and that the entire sum of money remains outstanding.

The suit claims that the dereliction of responsibility was a deliberate act by Knowles, and describes it as: "Part of a ruse to secure free legal services."

The suit then goes ahead to accuse Knowles of holding a secret auction over Super Bowl weekend in Houston this year. The producer sold off memorabilia and other items from his time managing Beyonce and the now defunct music group, Destiny's Child.

The firm's lawyer in the matter was aware of the sale ahead of time, and a letter sent to Knowles outlined how Lang Ferrer described how the auction would be used to clear his outstanding bill.

"Presumably you are liquidating these items to pay debts, including the amounts due to our client," the letter sent to Knowles on February 3 read.

The letter then went on to demand 'immediate payment' of the nearly $50,000 bill.

It is not yet clear what Lang Ferrer was hired for by Knowles.


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