Casper Smart happy for Jennifer Lopez after breakup

Casper Smart said that he is happy for Jennifer Lopez having moved on.
By Carmelo Sheppard | Mar 17, 2017
Casper Smart said that he is happy for Jennifer Lopez having moved on.

Performer and choreographer, Beau "Casper" Smart, and Lopez were first rumored to have been dating in 2011 and apparently continued to date well into 2014. They again dated in 2015 before they split up again in August of 2015. Since then, Lopez has been connected to high profile men such as Drake and Alex Rodriguez. According to Smart, he has nothing but positive feelings in response to her having moved on.

"I want nothing but the best and love [for her]," said Smart, 26 years of age, when asked about her new relationship with New York Yankees slugger, Alex Rodriguez."[We're] friends," said Smart. [We have] nothing but respect and love for each other."

Although the two have not made it official, sources close to Lopez have confirmed that she is dating Rodriguez. They claim that Lopez is extremely excited about the prospects of a long term relationship with the iconic and infamous baseball star. The two were photographed getting dinner in Miami on Thursday night.

"Jennifer loves Miami. She is having a great time with her kids and A-Rod she's very giggly when she talks about him. It actually seems like they're getting more serious by the minute," said a source close to Lopez toPEOPLE. "Jennifer thinks the world of A-Rod. She is very impressed and gushes about what a gentleman he is. She's trying to take things slowly, but she is very excited."


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