Gavin McCleod reacts to death of Mary Tyler Moore

Actor Gavin MacLeod reacted to the passing of costar, Mary Tyler Moore.
By Jason Spencer | Jan 25, 2017
Actor Gavin MacLeod reacted to the passing of costar, Mary Tyler Moore.

Mary TylerMoore, an iconic American actress and talisman of female empowermentinternationally, was most famous for her eponymous role in the award winning Mary Tyler Moore Show, which aired on CBS in the 1970's. Moore passed away at the age of 80 on Wednesday. Shewas beloved by many Americans for her bubbly personality and comedic capabilities.

Gavin MacLeod, who costarred with Moore on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, was great friends with the actress both on the show and in real life. MacLeod spoke out about losing his good friend.

"A line from our theme song was 'Love is all around' and that's what it was for five days a week for seven years straight on the Mary Tyler Moore set. It was all because of Mary," MacLeod said in an interview with PEOPLE. "She was professional, she was extremely creative with a terrific sense of humor and a gifted actress. She set a pace for all of us to follow.

MacLeod is 85 himself. He recalled how beautiful Moore was and how fortunate he was in his younger years to have known her.

"It goes without saying what awonderful loving and caring person she was to everyone who worked on the show. Mary was America's sweetheart and she was mine also," admitted MacLeod. "I was the luckiest guy in the world just sitting next to her and looking at her beautiful face. . . and legs!"



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