Hezbollah says Israel is provoking a regional war

The head of Hezbollah told his followers Sunday that a large regional war on Israel's own turf could come about if the Israeli government keeps up its hawkish policies toward its neighbors. He said that no Jews anywhere in the country will be safe if it does.
By Tracy Williams | Oct 02, 2017
The heard of the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah said Sunday that Israel is stirring up armed conflict in Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip, and that a regional war capable of engulfing all of Israel could be the end result. Addressing his followers, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah warned that it will not end well for the Israelis if their government persists on this path.

"They do not have a correct picture about what is awaiting them if they go to the idiocy of this war," Nasrallah said. He added that Jews who have emigrated to Israel should leave the country now "so they are not fuel for any war that the idiotic Netanyahu government takes them to" since "they will have no secure place in occupied Palestine" if war erupts.

His statements are consistent with assertions he made earlier this year about the prospects of a war emerging on Israel's own turf. He had warned that Islamic fighters from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and other countries would head to Israel to join the fight.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been de facto at war with Hezbollah for the last few years and issued Israeli air strikes against arms and supply convoys carrying weapons from Iran to Hezbollah units in Lebanon and Syria. Hezbollah uses the arms in its fight against the Islamic State, but Netanyahu insists that Iran is really planning to help Hezbollah build missile sites in the two neighboring countries for Hezbollah to use against Israel.

Hezbollah claims credit for stopping the Islamic State and other extremist groups from gaining ground in Syria or Lebanon. Nasrallah reminded his followers of this ongoing fight and urged them to keep up the battle against the Islamic State "in every place."



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