IPhone starts a new evolution

This opportunistic marketing would have been great if the Note 5 did not explode.
By James Carlin | Jan 14, 2017
The iPhone is perhaps one of the most iconic technological symbols in history. It turned a system that relied on heavy mobile phones that could do nothing but make calls to a gadget that can almost do anything.

But their revolution has not ended, not by a long shot. Last year they released a Jack-less phone in the iPhone 7. In its place, they build ear buds that use Bluetooth to connect.

This may not necessarily be a new thing, but the consumers have always had the chance to choose what they wanted from their phone. The market reception of the jack-less phone was not good. IPhone lost a big fan base many attributing to the rigidity of the New iPhone.

Samsung took this opportunity and sold the Note 5. This opportunistic marketing would have been great if the Note 5 did not explode.

But it seems to suffice the other mobile makers seeing that the jack-less phone had caused quite the friction, they are all following suit and introducing their new series without the jack opening.

HTC are the first to the market to do likewise with a move that features their next two phones without a Jack pin. "Technology is always moving and changing," said HTC CEO. "We have released our own version that has been one the works for quite a while. We feel that the market is now ready for it."

Suffice the doggedness of his statement; it is quite clear that HTC does not want to be left behind in this revolution. Samsung has also stated that their next phone will be jack-less. Many companies are so afraid of not following the trend least they go the Nokia way and diminish to oblivion.


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