ISIS militants launch attack near U.S. base in Iraq, kill journalists

A number of Iraqi troops also died trying to fight them off.
By Mae Owen | Jul 10, 2017
The ISIS caliphate in Iraq is depleted but not yet done, as evidenced by a surprise offensive by ISIS militants who entered the village of Imam Gharbi, 43 miles south of Mosul, on Friday and killed two journalists affiliated with the Iraqi news outlet Hona Salaheddin. A number of Iraqi troops also died trying to fight them off.
"Colleague Harb Hazaa al-Dulaimi, correspondent for the Hona Salaheddin channel, and Sudad al-Duri, the cameraman for the same station, were martyred," the channel said. It added that Mustafa Wahadi, another of its reporters, Mustafa Wahadi, was trapped with his colleagues' dead bodies and making pleas for his rescue via social media.
The militants first entered the village several days ago and have reportedly advanced toward a nearby U.S.-controlled airbase at Qayara. U.N. humanitarian staffers have fled the site for their own safety.
ISIS's territorial state is virtually gone. U.S.-supported Iraqi military forces have retaken all but a few remaining blocks of Mosul's Old City and a few outlying pockets of turf along the Syrian border and near Hawija. But some remnant ISIS militant factions cling to life and can still wreak violence as they attempt to hold onto their last remaining bits of territory or retake some of the territory they lost.
Iraqi security forces will continue to quell these remaining ISIS forces. In addition, they are contending with the widespread destruction that retreating ISIS armies left in their wake, such as the tracts of oil fields that the militants set on fire near Qayara before surrendering them. Toxic plumes from these fires were intense and persistent enough to slow the security forces' operation to retake Mosul.


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