James Gunn says The Belko Experiment will turn off viewers

Director of The Belko Experiment, James Gunn, said his latest film will turn audience members off.
By Carmelo Sheppard | Mar 14, 2017
Director ofThe Belko Experiment, James Gunn, said his latest film will turn audience members off.

Gunn has worked on such other highly successful films asGuardians of the Galaxy,Super, andSlither.Each of those films, although not necessarily comedies, were acclaimed for their humorous aspects. His newest film, a psychological thriller, has been said to be void of that comedic element. Reviewers have said that instead it is full of violence, intensity, and philosophical conflict. Gunn admitted that his style in this film of not giving the audience a laugh break will likely attract many viewers, but might also turn some off.

"I think a lot of audiences will get turned off -- not the audience as a whole, but audience members. Because it's extreme! There's comedy in it, but it's also not a comedy like Slither was. It's a dark movie," exclaimedGunn at the Los Angeles press day for the film. "Something that I've always tried to have in the movies I've made is the sense of reality with the characters. But in this movie that sense of reality is taken as a new thing, because when people are starting to execute each other, it's a really harsh thing. And there's a reason why some of the other movies that are like this are a bit more cartoonish in their depiction of the people, because it doesn't become such a big deal when they're killing each other, and it's funny."


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