Kate Hudson's estranged father obtains restraining order after threats

Hollywood star Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver are estranged from their father, Bill.
By Cliff Mooneyham | May 04, 2017
Hollywood star Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver are estranged from their father, Bill.

But now a new report says that Bill Hudson has obtained a restraining order to protect himself and his two children, after alleged threats from a former business partner.

According to TMZ, musician Bill, as well as Hudson and her brother, have received threats from Eric. A. Zimmerman after a film venture went down.

According to legal documents obtained by the celebrity website, Zimmerman sent threatening texts to Bill, promising to harm him and "drag your children into this as well by publicly smearing them in the media."

The documents also allege that Zimmerman hinted he would shoot bill, by saying "the safety is off and I have my finger on the trigger."

Bill has since filed a restraining order to protect himself, Kate, 38, Oliver, 40, and two other children.

A judge signed off the order, and Zimmerman is now prohibited from contacting the family.

Kate and Oliver got estranged from their biological father following his divorce from their actress mother, Goldie Hawn in 1980.

Oliver was just four, and Kate, one, at the time of the divorce.

After he helped to raise them, Kate and her brother consider Kurt Russell, their mom's longtime partner, their dad.

In a 2011 tell-all Two Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family, Bill Hudson expressed his bitter regret for not fighting harder for visitation rights to see his kids and hoped for a positive resolution to their estrangement.

In an interview in 2000, Kate reiterated that she does not want anything to do with her biological father.

Hudson "doesn't know me from a hole in the wall," the actress said.



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