Kimmel talks about hosting the Oscars

2017 Academy Awards host, Jimmy Kimmel, talked about hosting during a hot political climate.
By Alex Bourque | Feb 22, 2017
2017 Academy Awards host, Jimmy Kimmel, talked about hosting during a hot political climate.

At a time when the country seems to besplit politically, Kimmel will attempt to bring them together at the Academy Awards. Former hosts of the Academy Awards have complained about the mixed reviews they received as a result of their performances. Oscars enthusiast, Lin-Manuel Miranda, said that he would not be willing to do the show partially for that reason. Kimmel is an experienced host, having done the honors for the American Music Awards, the Emmy's, the ESPY Awards, and also hosting his own television late night show,Jimmy Kimmel Live. Even he admitted, however, that his first time hosting the Oscars, may prove a different challenge.

"I've come to terms with the fact that someone is going to be disappointed in me at the end. I just don't know who it will be yet," revealed Kimmel in a telephone interview.

Kimmel spoke to the level of political commentary he wants to maintain in his show and how he will keep it from going overboard.

"There definitely is a point at which that becomes too much. There's also a point at which it becomes too little. And finding that balance is, for me, the most difficult hurdle, when it comes to this broadcast. We don't know what our mood in this country is going to be on Sunday," said Kimmel. "We seem to be in a very temperamental period. We're having wild mood swings as a nation right now. Hopefully everyone will be in a good mood that night."



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