Lavabit to resume secure email services

Launched in 2004, Lavabit was an email service that provided an open source encrypted webmail service.
By Jeremy Morrow | Jan 23, 2017
Launched in 2004, Lavabit was an email service that provided an open source encrypted webmail service.

According to Ladar Levison, who is the owner and CEO, the email service will resume operations and will be available this month and will strive to protect "freedom, justice, and liberty," as enshrined in America's constitution. Levison used the US inauguration day to make the announcement in a statement.

He also said not much had changed since the Snowden incident and the need for a secure and private communication still existed, and Lavabit would go all out to provide the service.

Lavabit closed down in 2013 when it became apparent that Edward Snowden used the service to leak classified and sensitive information to journalists.

The government then went ahead and pushed through a court order which required Lavabit to hand over the SSL keys so that a precise account could be monitored.

This report turned out to be Snowden's. The law also required access to all information that had passed through the emails service router. Levison claims the court order was sealed and he could not confirm its legality.

Instead of bowing to pressure, he opted to close down the service thus rendering the court order useless.

Currently, email is still subject to government scrutiny, but Levison hopes to make a difference. In 2014, he developed Dark Environment Mail Environment (DIME), in partnership with Magma, an open-source mail server system which supports DIME.

Now customers can restore their previous accounts and choose the level of security they prefer from the different levels available.


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