Lawsuit alleges the "ginger" in Ginger Ale is false advertising

A New York resident is suing Canada Dry over its Ginger Ale, complaining that it doesn't have real ginger in it as advertised.
By Rick Docksai | Dec 22, 2018
A New Yorker is suing Canada Dry, alleging that it misleads customers by not putting any real ginger in its bestselling Ginger Ale soda. The plaintiff, Julie Fletcher, is the latest of several consumers in multiple states to press charges against the soft-drink company.

Fletcher filed charges July 10 in a Buffalo courthouse against Canada Dry and its parent company, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Inc. Her lawsuit notes that Ginger Ale's ingredients include carbonated water, high-fructose corn syrup, citric acid, preservatives, and "natural" flavors" but only a miniscule amount of "ginger flavor extract."

Fletcher contended that she mistakenly thought that it had ginger and bought it to give her children when they were sick, thinking it would ease their aching stomachs. She said she thought it would be healthier for them than other sodasonly to find out that it was chemically much like any other soda on the market and that there was too little real ginger to offer any of ginger's supposed health benefits.

"At the time of each purchase of Canada Dry," the lawsuit said, "Ms. Fletcher did not know that the products that she purchased were not made from real ginger, but were instead made from a miniscule amount of a ginger flavor extract, which does not contain any of the health benefits of real ginger."

Canada Dry has been on the receiving end of lawsuits in California and Massachusetts, as well. The Massachusetts and California lawsuits both take the company to task over its packaging, which has the message: "made with real ginger."

A Missouri resident filed a fourth lawsuit, also alleging that Canada Dry was misleading customers. The trial ended in a dismissal of charges, however, after the plaintiff dropped the suit.


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