Man who held hostages at Georgia bank killed by police

Police public information officer D.L. Pierce said a police officer was involved in the man's death.
By Jose Jefferies | Jul 10, 2017
A man who held two hostages at a bank near Atlanta and claimed to have a bomb is dead, officials say.

The man was not trying to rob the bank, said Cobb County Police Chief Michael Register, as reported by CNN. Instead, he claimed to be a military veteran with grievances he wanted to air with "military entities." While the man allowed customers of the bank to leave, he held two Wells Fargo employees hostage.

The man said he had an explosive device with enough power to pose "concern not just for the building but the surrounding area," Register said.

An armored SWAT vehicle approached the bank about noon Friday, according to CNN affiliate WAGA. Police officers entered the building and freed the two hostages. People reported hearing about 10 gunshots after the hostages were freed.

"We felt that there was a window of opportunity to get the two hostages out, and certainly we took that opportunity based on the danger we believe they were in," said Register.

Police public information officer D.L. Pierce said a police officer was involved in the man's death.

"(The suspect's death) is not somethings that we want to happen, but unfortunately to preserve life, sometimes it becomes necessary," Pierce said, in the CNN report.

Police did to say whether the man's backpack, which was taken to another location and destroyed, contained an explosive device.

Prior to the man's death, someone claiming to be the hostage-taker called CNN affiliate WSB-TV, saying he was a Marine veteran who served twice in Iraq with a supply company and was now homeless with no money to buy food. Police have yet to confirm the identity of the caller.


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