Mayte Garcia discusses her short-lived marriage to late superstar Prince

In the interview, she discussed some of the details she reveals in her tell-all book, My Life With Prince.
By Chad Young | Apr 07, 2017
Mayte Garcia has discussed her short-lived to late superstar Prince.

Garcia fell madly in love with Prince as a young dancer, marrying the Purple Rain hitmaker in 1996. They split up two years later.

And on Wednesday, she was interviewed by This Morning's Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield live from New York.

In the interview, she discussed some of the details she reveals in her tell-all book, My Life With Prince.

The 43-year-old had nothing but praise for the music icon.

Garcia revealed that initially, she hoped their separation was Prince's reaction to the tragic death of their son in 1996 and her subsequent miscarriage.

Recalling the end of their marriage, Garcia said: " Not that I thought my light was gonna go out, I just knew, that was the way he was. It's how people are in life; you have a time with someone then you move on."

She added that she always hoped that their break-up was due to something Prince was going through because of all the tragedy that happened in the family.

She had seen the superstar go through different phases musically and artistically, and he would come out of it.

"He had a good heart I had hope," she said.

Though the musician proposed to her through the phone, she insisted he more than made up for the less-than-romantic proposal with an expensive treasure hunt.

Holly and Phil grilled Garcia about whether she was aware that Prince was not faithful to her during their marriage.

Her response was diplomatic, saying it was nothing to talk about because she was honored and respected.

Her claims that Prince docked her dancer wages when she put on weight were also discussed.

"He was infamous for that, that's why the band was so tight. It was a respect thing," Gracia responded.

Garcia said that she was shocked to learn of Prince's death, as she had expected her ex-husband to lead a long life.

Prince died last April from an accidental overdose, aged 57.


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