McDonald's trying to get healthier for kids

McDonald's takes part in a new global initiative to make children's meals healthier.
By Susan Konig | Nov 15, 2018
As part of a new global initiative to make children's meals healthier, McDonald's Corp is removing cheeseburgers from U.S. Happy Meal menus and shrinking the french fry serving in one "Mighty Meal".

Announced today (Feb. 15), represent the first time the world's biggest fast-food chain has established global limits for calories, sodium, saturated fat and added sugar in Happy Meals, which consultants and franchisees say account for roughly 15 percent of sales in the United States.

By 2022, McDonald's hopes to have at least half of the Happy Meals listed on its drive-thru, restaurant and digital menus around the world contain 600 calories or less, with 10 percent of calories from saturated fat, 10 percent from added sugar, and only 650 mg of sodium, company press release said.

It's U.S. locations will continue to offer Happy Meal cheeseburgers on request, but with a push to diners to change their behavior. When it did the same thing with Happy Meal sodas in 2013, some customers switched to water, milk or juice.

McDonald's said it will reduce calories and sodium from its six-piece chicken McNugget Mighty meal for older children by halving the french fry portion size.

The company also is adding bottled water to Happy Meal menu boards and offering chocolate milk on request which has been reformulated to reduce added sugars.

Currently, 28 percent of Happy Meal combinations offered on menu boards in 20 of McDonald's major markets meet the new criteria. In June 2018, McDonald's USA will hit the new calorie, sugar and fat goals and be 78 percent compliant on sodium, the company says.


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