Mexican President tells Trump US companies not as important to Mexico as he thinks

But the company is still moving large sections of its business to Mexico.
By Harry Marcolis | Dec 02, 2016
Trump has insisted that for the US economy to grow, he must convince US companies to stop outsourcing. He has already managed to convince Apple to stop moving sections of its plant to Mexico.
Mexico relies heavily on foreign companies to invest and create jobs to the country. In fact, they have well thought out incentives to ensure that this happens.

Trump has now convinced Carrier Company to continue processing their products in Indiana. But the company is still moving large sections of its business to Mexico.

The outsourcing was predicted to create over 5000 jobs in Mexico. But after Trump's intervention, the number has dropped to just over 3000.

Trump has admitted that he cannot do anything more as the deal was already sealed. He has now instead of that he would care less about the company.

"Rent it, sell it, knock it down, I don't care," said Trump.
But Mexico was quick to remind Trump that they do not rely on the US, as he so often insists. I see this as something that should occupy us, not worry us," said Hector Castillo Olivares, the mayor of Santa Catarina. "The United States is not the world, we don't depend on them, nor do we have to rely on them."

Mexico official said that the South Korea connection was getting stronger with Kia setting up many plants in the country. Kia is a global company that is steadily growing. Mexico sees Asian companies to invest is a better move in the long run.


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