Michael Cohen's attorney says he has "proof" Trump committed a crime

President Trump had a direct hand in the hush-money payments that Michael Cohen arranged to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, and it is provable, said Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, which means that Trump himself is directly implicated in committing a crime.
By Rick Docksai | Jan 14, 2019
The hush money that now-former Trump attorney Michael Cohen paid to adult actress Stormy Daniels on behalf of the Trump campaign in 2016 came directly from the Trump Organization, and there is evidence to prove it, said Cohen's attorney, Lanny Davis, on Tuesday. Davis said that he can prove that Trump himself was behind the payments, which he said means that "there is no doubt" that the president "committed a crime."

Speaking with CNN's Don Lemon after Cohen pleaded guilty in federal court Tuesday to eight charges that included tax fraud and bank fraud, Davis said that the Trump Organization sent a "recognizable and provable" funds transfer to a secret account. Cohen used this account to pay Daniels for her silence on her past sexual liaisons with Trump.

Cohen has previously admitted to arranging the payment to Daniels and additionally making a hush deal with former Playboy model Karen McDougal, with whom Trump had also had an extramarital affair. Davis told Lemon that Cohen admitted that he made both arrangements under orders from President Trump, which makes the president legally culpable, as wellmaybe even "more guilty" than Cohen himself, he added.

"The lawyers have acknowledged that the client directed Michael Cohen to make an illegal payment, making the client as guilty, certainly, as the lawyer and in my judgment, more guilty because he was trying to cover up and hide his own role in the situation with Ms. Daniels by having Mr. Cohen do the deed rather than himself," Davis said.

Davis' interview followed revelations that court filings show the Trump Organization approved $420,000 in reimbursements to Cohen for his secret payouts to women who had previously had affairs with Trump. Prosecutors said that Cohen had asked the Trump Organization for reimbursements for "election-related" costs and that he started receiving payments accordingly in February 2017.


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