Multiple Americans have been imprisoned in North Korea

An accounting professor in Pyongyang was added to the list of Americans imprisoned in North Korea.
By Tyler Henderson | May 03, 2017
An accounting professor in Pyongyang was added to the list of Americans imprisoned in North Korea.

As tensions rise between the two countries over the nuclear program development of the Kim Jong-Un regime in North Korea, a story came out about an American adjunct professor at a university in Pyongyang had been imprisoned for"hostile criminal acts with an aim to subvert the country." The teacher, 50 year old Kim Sang-duk, isnot the only American to be imprisoned in North Korea, a country with whom the United States of America does not boast official diplomatic ties.

Kim is the third known American citizen to be imprisoned in North Korea. In March of 2016, a 21 year old man from the University of Virginia named Otto Warmbier, was sentenced to 15 years and hard labor for attempting to steal a propaganda poster. According to reports, his trial lasted approximately one hour. In April 2016, another man, 62 year old Korean-American, Kim Dong-chul of Fairfax, Virginia, was sentenced to 10 years and hard labor on espionage charges.

" 'It was a 5-by-6-foot cell, and there were a couple of slats on the doors,' Laura Ling, an American journalist detained in 2009, revealed in a magazine interview after her release. 'There were no bars, so you couldn't see out, and if they closed those slats, it just went completely dark. There was no way to communicate with the outside world,' " read a report in theNew York Times. "Another captive, Kenneth Bae, an American missionary, said in his memoir 'Not Forgotten,' published after his release in 2016, that he was interrogated 15 hours a day 'from 8 in the morning until 10 or 11 o'clock at night, every day for four weeks it was very intense.' "


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