New shark cam to help scientists study predators

By Lila Alexander | Aug 14, 2016
Sharks have been diving around the Mexican Gulf for the longest time. They seem to be migrating across the ocean, but suddenly disappear around the same spot every year and reappear later. Scientists have never been able to trace where they dive to, or what they do as they dive.

Shark Expert Sal Jorgensen has devised a camera that he will mount on the Great White to monitor its movement. The shark is one of the smartest Organisms in the sea. Creating a camera that actually stuck on the fish and did not irritate the holder has been quite difficult.

The depths that the Shark dives have also proved difficult to navigate. Smaller cameras just couldn't record any data at such depth. While the bigger once were quickly knocked off by the shark itself, Sal Jorgensen hopes that his design will be the answer.

"We hope to really understand these Majestic animals better," Said Sal Jorgensen. "It has not been easy to create a camera that actually works, and we hope that we can discover some really cool things about sharks."

The Great White has been labeled as a scary animal with a fetish for human flesh. However, more studies reveal that it is more of a calculating beast than vicious. Their dives will perhaps offer insights to where they breed and maybe uncover new oceanic habitats.


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