Barack Obama reveals new presidential library

Former U.S. President, Barack Obama, revealed a new presidential library on Lake Michigan on Wednesday.
By Carmelo Sheppard | May 03, 2017
Former U.S. President, Barack Obama, revealeda new presidential library on Lake Michigan on Wednesday.

Barack Obama and the former First Lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama, returned recently from what many have called a vacation spree after leaving the White House. They visited Chicago in order to unveil the renderings of his own presidential library, the Obama Presidential Center. Obama admitted that the opening of his own presidential library was a bit of an ego trip. According to the Obamas, their presidential library would be different from the handful of others around the country. They said that this library, which is located on the south side of Chicago, would be a project that could help transform the beleaguered community.

"The main thing that Michelle and I contributed was just saying, 'What is it that we want to see 10 years from now?'" he said, recounting his conversations with the architects who designed the center. "And we don't want to see some big building that's dead, and kids are getting dragged to it for a field trip. What we wanted was something that was alive, and that was a hub for the community and for the city and for the country."

"What we want this to be is the world's premiere institution for training young people in leadership to make a difference in their countries, in their communities and in the world," continued Obama, who believes that the library could instill hope in the current residents of the community.


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