Ohio teen who shot father in self-defense finally free

a 16-year-old Ohio teen who shot her father two years ago in in self-defense is finally free.
By Susan Konig | Feb 08, 2018

An Ohio teenagerwho killed her fathertwo years ago-- after he allegedly terrorized and abused her family for years-- is finally free.

On Sunday, February 3, Bresha Meadows, 16, was released from a residential mental health facility where she spent the last six months. Hercase attracted national media attention and opened up a conversation about how black women and girls are treated by the criminal justice system when they claim self-defense.

Meadows was just 14 years old when she fatally shot her father in the head while he was asleep. She and her siblings alleged that her father,JonathanMeadows, 41, was physically and verbally abusive toward them, often threatening them with the same gun Bresha fired. Her mother,Brandi Meadows, called Bresha "a hero", and told reporters that her husband beat her ruthlessly in front of the children.

"I believe that she saved all of us," she said.

Prosecutors charged Bresha with aggravated murder, and sought to try her as an adult, meaning she could face life in prison. Ultimately,she was tried as a child, and, in May 2017, she pleaded true to charge of involuntary manslaughter-- the equivalent of guilty in juvenile court.

She was sentenced to a year in juvenile detention, with credit for time served, as well as six months at a mental health facility and two years of probation. On Sunday, she was released into her family's care.

Her record will be sealed and expunged when she turns 18.


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