Owl could change the way people view dash cams

Owl hopes their new dashboard camera will become a standard for drivers across the world.
By Joseph Scalise | Feb 06, 2018
The tech company Owl hopes their new dashboard camera will change the way people protect and interact with their car.

The small startup is led by Andy Hodge, a researcher who served as the iPod product lead for 10 years. After working at Dropcam, he realized that a smart security camera could be useful inside a person's car. Not only would it help capture accidents, but it could record thieves or parking lot dings as well.

The cloud-connected dashcam -- known as the Owl Car Cam -- is a small device with a 2.5-inch touchscreen. That size is large enough so that drivers can view it from behind the wheel without becoming distracted from the road,Engadgetreports.

The device comes with two cameras. One faces the road, while another points back inside the car. That combination means the device captures the entire in-car experience, as well as events that happen off to the sides.In addition, the Owl Cam has a range of sensors that detect break-ins and accidents that happen when the driver is not present. There are even LED flood lights that turn on to scare off any would-be intruders.

While dashboard cameras are quite popular, Owl aims to enter the market by making their device much easier to use. The company claims the device can be set up in five minutes. It also comes with built-in LTE connectivity, and the camera can hold onto key moments for 24 hours. Drivers can also watch their car and record clips from their phone. In that way, there is also potential for people to share any interesting or crazy moments that occur during a drive.

There are quite a few dashboard cameras out on the market, but there is no one standard that everyone uses. Though some versions have cloud connectivity, Owl hopes to use their advances features and ease of set up to make their camera as used and as popular as the iPod. While that may sound ambitious, nearly everyone has a car, and extra security is something that is always welcome.


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