Peter Andre laments public vow to have no more children

Peter Andre has backtracked on comments he made last week that he would never have any more children.
By Tobi Gerdes | Apr 13, 2017
Peter Andre has backtracked on comments he made last week that he would never have any more children.

The father-of-four made the vow last week during an appearance on Lorraine.

Andre admits that his sensational declaration was the result of a lack of sleep the night before after his four-month-son Theo spent the entire morning crying before the show.

Despite being experienced in fatherhood, it seems the 44-year-old was overwhelmed when he sat on Lorraine's chair last week after hardly any sleep.

And in response to the Scottish presenter's inquiry about having one more kid, his response was: "Absolutely no more kids, unless they invent a 24-hour coffee system, then no!"

But in a hasty retreat in his column for New! Magazine, the Mysterious Girl hitmaker admits to feeling guilty for the bold comments, especially since his wife Emily MacDonagh is breastfeeding and "going through the worst of it."

"Let me tell you what happened. The night before the interview I went to bed before midnight as I had to get up at 6 am to do the show. Theo woke up at 3 am and wouldn't sleep until it was time for me to sleep," Andre explained in his column.

In the column, Andre added that he'd only had three hours sleep, and that's when he told himself that he would not have any more kids.

He added that although he whines, his wife Emily is going through the worst of it, as she is the one who has to do the breastfeeding.

Andre is the father to Junior Savva, 11, and Princess Tiaamii, nine, with ex-wife Katie Price.

He has sired Amelia, three, and Theo with current wife, Emily.



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