Prankster names hotspot Note7 on plane causes delays

Over a period of a month, the devices have exploded over a dozen times.
By Dirk Trudeau | Dec 24, 2016
The Note 7 was recalled by Samsung due to its explosive nature. Over a period of a month, the devices had exploded over a dozen times. Some of the most brutal explosions caused trucks to burn down completely.

The Airlines got concerned and burned the device on planes. The rule has been going on steadily for the past few months. But Recently a cheeky passenger on-board Virgin Airlinerenamed his hotspot Galaxy Note 7_1097. This gave the impression that there was a Note 7 on-board.

This sent the crew and the pilots into a frenzy asking whoever had the phone come forward or risk the plane's lights being put on and a thorough search to be carried out. "This isn't a joke. We're going to turn on the lights and search everyone's bag until we find it, " said the pilot.

The passengers took quickly to Twitter to vent their frustration all this while the culprit sat patiently, knowing full well, even if a search was carried out the Note 7 would not be found because it did not exist on the board.

But after the threat that they would put the lights on did not have an effect, the pilot said he would divert the plane for an emergency landing to do the search. This is what eventually made the culprit come forward and say it was just a prank.

Safe to say Virgin Airlines does not take the Note 7 threat lightly. But this is arguably how all airlines should act with explosive devices on-board.


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