Proxima B could be covered in water

The Dwarf star is estimated to only produce one tenth of our sun's heat.
By Cliff Mooneyham | Oct 12, 2016
Proxima B is an Earth-like planet located in the closest solar system. Scientists have been toying with the idea that it has the potential to harbor life ever since its discovery. One side feels that the planets location from the sun is in the area that would allow it to harbor life. While others feel it is too close to its sun.

A group of scientists created a model to ascertain these theories to some extent. The solar system's sun is a Dwarf star, mostly releasing less heat than our Sun. The Dwarf star is estimated to only produce one tenth of our sun's heat.

The planet is like 25 times closer to its sun that the Earth is to its sun. By leaving all other properties, constant the amount of heat getting to the surface of Proxima B would be likely close to that of earth. This has led to the scientists believing that due to its small size the planet and rocky nature, the surface id filled with liquid water.

"Proxima Centauri... is a red dwarf just 0.1 percent as bright as the Sun and harboring 12 percent the Sun's mass. That means the 'habitable zone' is 25 times closer in than the one surrounding our own Sun," Jesse Emspak explains for "If there is surface water, it will not contribute more than 0.05 percent of the planet's total mass; the team said - similar to Earth, where it is about 0.02 percent."

The news is so forthcoming that Russian Billionaire Yuri Milner has decided to fund a mission called Breakthrough Starshot. He aims to shoot a laser propelled nano craft to the solar system to help gather more info.


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