@RealDonaldTrump may be a serious security threat

Donald Trump's Twitter account is the most powerful news media at the moment.
By Vicky Webb | Jan 19, 2017
Donald Trump's Twitter account is the most powerful news media at the moment. In 140 characters he has been able to cause quite the stir in some companies over the past few weeks.

Career had to reconsider their stand after Donald Trump tweeted about robust sanctions against the enterprise. Toyota's stocks plummeted after a similar tweet from the President-elect. The Twitter account has influenced many more companies to a great extent.

But it is not just the businesses that have felt the turmoil of @RealDonalTrump but entire stock markets. Just recently a twit directed to China cause almost every currency to drop worldwide. This has never been experienced at this level caused by anything so pedestrian like a tweet.

But things are set to be run by this accurate Twitter account for the next four years. But the problem is Twitter has no special security features for accounts of unique users. Even in past regimes, the official Twitter account has not gotten any special security features. But it has really been a problem because no major announcements were made through Twitter.

I've never encountered a separate set of security features being available for public figures' social media accounts, " said Laura Olin, who ran Obama's social media strategy in 2012. "They get two-factor authentication like everyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if that begins to change, especially after the widespread Russian hacking."


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