Revealing clothes do not attract the opposite sex

The same applies to males displaying their muscles to get attention from members of the opposite sex.
By Cliff Mooneyham | May 04, 2017
Scientists say that women who wear revealing outfits to attract a mate may be wasting their time.

According to new research, females generate as much excitement in men when fully clothed as they do when naked.

Partial nudity may have the least effect of all.

Researchers examined the pupils in the eyes of heterosexual men as they viewed pictures of clothed and naked women.

They then calculated how much the pupils widened an involuntary reaction when people are excited.

And according to researchers at the University of Kent, there was minimal difference in levels of excitement, no matter the amount of flesh exposed.

Partial body exposure, where the sexual regions of the photos were blurred, showed a less strong reaction than either fully clothed or naked pictures.

Similar results were recorded when women were shown photos of men.

The study did find one notable different reaction when nude pictures were viewed both sexes spent more time admiring the image's private parts.

According to the study authors, previous research had found that greater nudity evoked higher levels of excitement when factors such as genital arousal were included.

The scientists suggest that the results could mean only a low level of arousal is required to cause a change in pupil size.

Studying how much flesh to display in a nightclub, scientists at the University of Leeds found that women who revealed about 40 per cent of their skin were approached twice as often by men, compared to those who revealed more or less.

The study was presented in the Royal Society journal Open Science.



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