Rob Lowe remembers Bill Paxton

Actor, Rob Lowe, remembered his old friend, fellow actor, Bill Paxton.
By Carmelo Sheppard | Mar 01, 2017
Actor, Rob Lowe, remembered his old friend, fellow actor, Bill Paxton.

Paxton passed away at age 61. His death was announced on the day of the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. Paxton, who acted in such films asApollo 13,Titanic, andTwister, was remembered by fellow actors and actresses as well as the meteorological community. Lowe, whose work with Paxton began in the early 1990's, referred to Paxton as his best friend in the entertainment industry. Lowe remembered the genesis of their friendship.

"The first time I met Bill I did a guest appearance in a very odd little movie that Bill did called The Dark Backward [released in 1991]. I came in to do one scene for fun because my friends were making it and in the scene Bill took such a big swing as an actor, he went for such a broad, gigantic choice in the take, I'll never forget it. It blew my mind. Wow. "This guy has got huge balls," I thought. And we were friends ever since. Five or six years later, I'm producing the movieFrank and Jesse and starring in it and I reached out to him to play my brother. That was really the beginning of our friendship," said Lowe. "I have so many great memories of Bill. The first time I ever took my kids fishing was with Bill and his son. It was up here in Santa Barbara where I live and all the kids went out and had a great time and fast-forward to 20 years later my son still fishes every weekend and that's because of Bill."


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