Ros-Lehtinen not to run for reelection in Florida

Congresswoman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R, Florida) announced that she will not run for reelection.
By Adam Widmer | Apr 30, 2017
Congresswoman, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R, Florida) announced that she will not run for reelection.

Ros-Lehtinen, who has been a Representative for her district on Capitol Hill for over three decades, announced that she will be retiring her post. Many believe her South Florida district, which has long been carried by Republicans, turning into a more Democratic area is part of the reason for her announcement. U.S. President Trump lost the district by 20 percentage points in the 2016 Presidential General Election. That was the highest disparity for Democrats in a district held by a Republican Representative in the election. The Cuban American was the first Hispanic woman to be elected to the U.S. Congress. She was a moderate voice on social issues anda strong voice for Republicans with her Latino constituency.Ros-Lehtinen opposed the election of Donald Trump as Republican nominee for President but contended that his presidency was not a factor in her decision. According to Ros-Lehtinen, the reason for her retirement was simply that it was the right time for her and her family.

"It's been such a delight and a high honor to serve our community for so many years and help constituents every day of the week," explained Ros-Lehtinen to the Miami Herald on Sunday."We just said, 'It's time to take a new step.'"

"This is first of many retirements," said spokeswoman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), Meredith Kelly, on Twitter. Kelly believes that many Republicans will tire of defending the decisions and actions of the Trump administration.


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