Ryan Murphy talks truth behind Crawford Davis feud

Ryan Murphy, the creator of Feud: Bette and Joan, spoke about the true story behind the FX series.
By Aaron Sims | Mar 13, 2017
Ryan Murphy, the creator ofFeud: Bette and Joan, spoke about the true story behind the FX series.

The series, which is based on the legendary rivalry between Hollywood actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, has received critical acclaim. It concerns itself with the events surrounding the filming ofWhat Ever Happened to Baby Jane, on which the two women worked. Film maker, Ryan Murphy spoke to the true story behind the beef. According to Murphy, a lot of male influence, the media looking to pit two women together, and a flawed system led to the overblown nature of the iconic feud.

"Something happened halfway through the shooting of the movie when gossip columnists reported there was a catfight and they were at each other's throats," said Murphy. "That's where a lot of the movie and their relationship went awry. Joan Crawford thought the director was kind of throwing to Bette Davis because she was making insane, grand, very brave choices and Joan was stuck in a wheelchair and was almost like the straight guy. I think she started to resent that. So that's when it turned and when the calm began to turn sour. And based on research that's because Jack Warner knew that two women pitted in the media against each other would probably sell more tickets. So a lot of that was created by the system, by the columnists. What they did still happens today with women. Susan and Jessica and I talked a lot about that; this sort of woman-against-woman reporting is really a device many times by the media as click bate or back then to sell papers.


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