Schumer criticizes Trump for partisan approach

By Alex Bourque | Apr 30, 2017
U.S. Senate Minority Leader, Charles Schumer, (D, New York) criticized President Donald Trump for not working with Democrats.

Schumer spoke during an interview onFox News Sundayto criticize the first 100 days of President Trump being in the Oval Office. According to Schumer, they have not been a success with Mr. Trump failing to deliver promises he made to the American people about healthcare, international policy, trade, and the treatment of the bureaucratic "swamp" in Washington, DC.

"There's been promise after promise that's been either unfulfilled or broken," asserted Schumer.

Schumer also spoke to President Trump attempting to achieve his policy goals without the help of the Democratic Party.

"The bottom line is very simple: the president, if he works with us, particularly on issues like trade and infrastructure, we can work," said Schumer. "But on the issues so far, taxes and healthcare, he doesn't consult us at all."

President Trump has accused the Democratic Party, which has worked to block several of his appointments and executive orders, of not being bipartisan enough. Schumer believes it is the President, however, who needs to do a better job of meeting the Democrats in the middle.

"He's not governing from the middle, he's governing from the hard right," argued Schumer. "That's why his regime has had hardly any major successes, with the exception of [appointing Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch]. If he changes, we can work together. But he can't just dictate what he wants."



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