Seth Meyers explains why he's so hard on Trump

Comedian and television host Seth Meyers explains why he's so hard on President Trump.
By Tyler MacDonald | Jan 07, 2019
American comedian and television host Seth Meyers recently appeared on CNN's "The Van Jones Show," where he said that if President Donald Trump stopped giving comedians such a wealth of material, they would"move on to something else."

"Look, I would happily push aside what he gives us every day for a more balanced leadership for the country," he said. "I don't value my show's success over the country's."

Meyers also suggested that comedians and late-night hosts are focusing more on hypocrisy, not Trump, when they make jokes about the President.

"Look I could understand that (conservatives) don't like it," he said. "And I certainly respect their opinion to choose not to watch. With that said, most comedians are pretty consistent in calling out hypocrisy and lying. I don't think, we don't every day just say, 'Hey, we have to attack Donald Trump, what is there?' It's the opposite. The thing comes first and then we realize in order to talk about, it is in some degree to attack Donald Trump."

"Like the day he stops giving us stuff to talk about, we will move on to something else," he continued. "But it's not like we have to go searching through the corners of the internet to find something crazy."


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