Trump administration refusing passports to Hispanic-Americans

Immigration officials are denying passports to hundreds, or even thousands, of U.S.-born Hispanic Americans and is accusing them of falsifying their birth certificates.
By Rick Docksai | Aug 31, 2018
The Trump administration's crackdown on undocumented immigrants is nabbing many native-born Hispanic-American citizens' in its dragnets, according to a Washington Post investigate report on Wednesday. The report said that immigration officials have been accusing "hundreds, and possibly thousands" of Hispanic-Americans near the U.S.-Mexico border of falsifying their certificates and is in some cases automatically revoking their birth certificates or detaining them in immigration jails.

The report cited cases of Hispanic-Americans who applied for passports and were turned down, and in some cases jailed and interrogated. Others traveled overseas, only for their passports to be revoked when they were trying to reenter U.S. territory.

A State Department official defended the immigration officials' practices in a statement to the Hill that said that there has been "a significant incidence of citizenship fraud" throughout the border region. The U.S. government has alleged that Mexicans illegally purchase U.S. birth certificates for their children, so immigration officials may question the veracity of even a legitimate-looking citizenship document, the official said.

"There are numerous reasons why a customer may be asked to provide additional documentation or information. The burden of proving one's identity and citizenship falls on the applicant for a U.S. passport regardless of where the application was submitted," the official said.

Some citizenship-related investigations of people delivered by midwives in Texas' Rio Grande Valley took place under former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, according to the Post. The Post said that investigators based their suspicions on a 1993 case in which a midwife pleaded guilty to selling Texas birth certificates to children born in Mexico.

But the number of investigations has ramped up dramatically under Trump and is now extending to people who were not delivered by midwives, according to the newspaper.


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