Trump scolds Harley-Davidson for moving jobs overseas

President Trump accused Harley-Davidson of "waving the white flag" Monday over its decision to shift motorcycle production from U.S. sites to overseas ones in response to the EU's new retaliatory tariffs.
By Rick Docksai | Oct 30, 2018
Harley-Davidson's decision to move some motorcycle production out of the United States drew a rebuke Monday from President Trump. The company said that its decision is a response to European Union tariffs, but Trump tweeted that the company is buckling under pressure.

"Surprised that Harley-Davidson, of all companies, would be the first to wave the White Flag. I fought hard for them," he typed. He promised that he will make sure that the company will not have to pay the EU's tariffs, adding that the company needs to "be patient."

Trump was responding to Harley-Davidson's announcement earlier Monday that production of motorcycles for European markets will increasingly take place at work sites in other countries. The company has plants in Australia, Brazil, India, and Thailand, in addition to its U.S.-based sites.

The company owed its decision to new EU tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles and other products. It said that the tariffs pose a "substantial" burden and a threat to its international sales, which it has been trying to increase.

Europeans bought 40,000 Harley bikes last year, according to company records. The company said that the EU's new tariffs will raise the cost of its motorcycles by $2,200 per bike.

EU officials enacted the tariffs recently as a retaliation for the Trump administration's imposition of new tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blamed on the EU on Monday, telling reporters in a briefing that the European regulatory body is "attempting to punish U.S. workers with unfair and discriminatory trade policies." She said that Trump will "continue to push for free ,fair and reciprocal trade."



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