Twitter actually losing users with Trump influence

The social media company has got through a lot of ups and downs over the past ten years.
By Sarah Webb | Jan 19, 2017
Any publicity is good publicity, but apparently not for Twitter. The social media company has got through a lot of ups and downs over the past ten years.

But after Trump declared he was running for the presidency and decided to use Twitter as his main way to reach out to his followers many predicted that the stalks for Twitter would skyrocket.

In the beginning, they did, Twitter saw a rise in its stalks and many believed that this was the spur it needed. But as Trump used it more and more and his comments evolved from campaigning to flat out bullying more people started pulling out from the social media platform.

In fact, the problem in the Silicon Valley Company has grown beyond users to the administration. Many potential employees to the company are refusing to even apply for jobs at the company, fearing the company will fall due to the radicalization of its users.

"I don't like using Twitter," said Donald Trump. "But many news companies are so unreliable and often do not deliver the news. So I had to find another way to talk to the people."

But Trump has continuously been accused of being a bully using the platform as his base. Very recently, he called out John Lewis on the platform and literally called accused him of not tackling the problem in the inner cities.

Trump has used Twitter on multiple occasions to break the news on sensitive issues something that the top intelligence officers believe my cause security threats.


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