Uber's chief executive promised an "urgent" investigation Sunday into allegations of sexual assault

However, some of Trump's closest aides have also criticized him in the past.
By James Smith | Feb 20, 2017
A senior National Security Council adviser was reassigned to his old job at the National Defense University, a White House spokeswoman confirmed Sunday, after he criticized the Trump administration's Latin American policies.Craig Deare was removed from his role as a senior adviser at the National Security Council's Western Hemisphere division Friday and "sent back to his original position, " said Sarah Sanders, a White House spokeswoman. Deare had been assigned to the NSC by the Trump administration.

Deare reportedly criticized the Trump administration's handling of Latin American policies during a speech at The Wilson Center Thursday in Washington. He also criticized overall White House dysfunction a source said.

Fielding questions about Deare's reassignment, Sanders said that people who don't agree with President Donald Trump should not have a job in his White House.

Deare's reassignment returns him to the National Defense University, an appointed position he's held since January 2001.

This is not the first time a senior administration official has been removed from their post because of comments about Trump.

Republican consultant Shermichael Singleton, a political appointee at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, was fired last week for an op-ed he wrote before the election that criticized then-candidate Trump, a source with knowledge of the situation said.

"We allowed that hostile takeover to happen on our watch," he wrote. "This individual recognized a moment of great disparity in the Republican base and, like cancer, attacked and spread, consuming everything in his path."

However, some of Trump's closest aides have also criticized him in the past.


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