US commando killed in first terrorist attack authorized by President Trump

Trump quickly bought the idea as he felt that the results will justify the means.
By Alex Bourque | Jan 30, 2017
During the Trump campaign, he made a point to be even more aggressive with the fight against terrorism. As a result, the military and the intelligence bodies started creating new strategies to combat the terror groups.

"Because Mr. Trump had been explicit about his intention to ask for the review to accelerate the fight against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL," said the NT Times. "American military planners had begun drafting classified options to present to the new commander in chief."

One of those strategies was to hit the ground running quite literally and send commandos to the militia camps.

The Obama administration had been first approached with such measures, but due to the risk involved back out and let his predeceasing regime decide on the attack.

Trump quickly bought the idea as he felt that the results will justify the means.

He ordered the commando strike which was carried out on a moonless night to give the US an added advantage with the element of surprise on their side.

But the attack left one commando general dead and three injured. Trump declared the strike a success. But the biggest problem that came about this attack was the casualties.

The attack was made near a town leaving many children and women dead. Many children witnessed this and may have done more on convincing the next generation of children, in Yemen that the US is the enemy making them join ISIS more willingly.

Suffice the US releasing statements saying that they had killed an ISIS general in the attack, ISIS has come out and insisted that it was actually the general's daughter who was killed, spitting rumors of a heavy retaliation from ISIS.


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