Utah nurse brutally arrested for protecting patient gets monetary settlement

Utah nurse Alex Wubble, who was arrested in July for refusing to let officers take a blood sample from an unconscious patient without a warrant, receives a $500,000 settlement.
By Tracy Williams | Nov 03, 2017
A Utah nurse whose forcible arrest on July 26 for refusing to let a police officer draw blood from an unconscious patient hit social media by firestorm has received a settlement of half a million dollars, according to CNN.

Alex Wubble reached a settlement agreement with Salt Lake City and the University of Utah, which will split the cost evenly between them, according to city spokesman Matthew Rojas.

"I am obviously very grateful, would be the best word for it," said Wubble at a news conference Tuesday. "Again, this landed in my lap. This is not something I sought out. I didn't seek out the last four months."

In the video footage of the incident, Detective Jeff Payne violently grabbed and handcuffed Wubble, then dragged her screaming and crying to a police vehicle after she refused to let officers take a blood sample from a crash victim without a warrant. She was reportedly released minutes later without being charged.

"I've done nothing wrong! I've done nothing wrong! Why is this happening?" Wubble cried as the officers pushed her out the hospital doors and into a police car.

Wubble was following hospital policy, which states that in order to obtain a blood sample, police need a court order, the patient's consent, or the patient has to be under arrest. The nurse even handed the officers a printout of the policy at the time, but that did not prevent her violent arrest.

Detective Payne was fired and his watch commander, Lt. James Tracey, was demoted for violating police policies.


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