Viola Davis opens up about childhood poverty

The actress opens up about her childhood.
By Jason Spencer | Feb 26, 2017
Recently, actress, Viola Davis, has opened up about her being poor as a child.

Davis, one of the most critically acclaimed actresses in Hollywood, won her first Academy Award at the 2017 celebration. She wonthe Best Actress award for her role inFences, but she never forgot her difficult road to stardom and acclaim. Davis has recently been very open about her upbringing.

"[There was] no running water. No bathroom. It's just an outhouse.But my mom says that the day I was born, all of my aunts and uncles were in the house. She said everyone was drinking and laughing, and having fun. She said she ate a sardine, mustard, onion, tomato sandwich after I was born," said Davis of her childhood home."When I say we had nothing, I mean zero. I remember one time a friend came over to the house and she opened the refrigerator. There was nothing in it. She said, 'Are you guys moving?' "

Davis admitted to having to steal to eat and the shame that she had to endure in her childhood because of the poverty to which she and her family were subjected.

"I did everything to get food. I have stolen for food," admittedDavis. "I have jumped in huge garbage bins with maggots for food. I have befriended people in the neighborhood who I knew had mothers who cooked three meals a day for food, and I sacrificed a childhood for food and grew up in immense shame."


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