Woman raises $34,000 for homeless man who gave her his last $20

A woman has raised $34,000 to assist a homeless man who bought her gas with his last $20.
By Tyler Henderson | Nov 24, 2017
A woman has raised $34,000 to assist a homeless man who gave her his last $20 to help her out of a tight spot, according to a report by The Sacramento Bee.

Kate McClure ran out of gas on a drive to Philadelphia last month. As she was pulled over on the side of I-95, a homeless man approached her. He told her to stay in the car and lock the doors while he went to get help.

The man, named Johnny Bobbitt Jr, walked to a nearby gas station and used his last $20 to fill a can with fuel so he could bring it back to McClure's car. She was grateful, but had no cash to repay him.

Since then, McClure and her boyfriend Mark D'Amico have returned to the place along the highway where Bobbitt stays, giving him snacks, gift cards, and cash.

After getting to know Bobbitt better, McClure and D'Amico decided to launch a GoFundMe campaign with a goal of $10,000. But, as of Wednesday, the campaign has raised more than $34,000.

Bobbitt, age 34, has been homeless for about a year, according to McClure and D'Amico. He told them he served in the Marine Corps and was previously a certified paramedic.

After a job lined up in Philadelphia fell through, Bobbitt soon exhausted his meager savings. Then, he lost his paperwork, making it impossible for him to find work.

McClure and D'Amico say they are committed to assisting Bobbitt get back on his feet and will help vouch for his character to potential landlords. Bobbitt is working on getting his paperwork replaced and hopes eventually to get recertified as a paramedic.

"If we just handed him the money, it's not going to happen," McClure said, in the report, adding, "When I still look at (the GoFundMe), it blows my mind. It's actually going to happen for him."


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