WWE crown their first ever UK champion, a 19-year-old

Dunne played all his dirty tricks, but in the end, Bate was just that good.
By James Carlin | Jan 17, 2017
As much as many people will tell you that the WWE is scripted, some of their moments are just pure and magic. Some moments cannot be faked scripted or created.

That is exactly the feeling to one young English breed youngster by the name Tyler Bate. Coming in as the youngest competitor in a 16 man knock out the tournament to crown the first KU champion, there was little riding on this.

He said it himself that he had nothing to lose going into the matches. After all, he had his whole career in front of him. He had no pressure; he just seemed like a kid having fun.

But from the first match, you could see something special about him. He dispatched his opponent with relative ease. Moving on to the quarterfinals, he met a Fin Balor protge who is as aggressive as they come. But again, no problem, He put him down for the three counts.

In the semis, he met the favorite tournament Wolfgang. Wolfgang was the biggest man in the tournament and was deceptively agile, able to make splashes like a high flyer.

Many thought this was the end of the road for Bate, but against all the odds, he pulled the victory to his surprise.

The other finalist Pete Dunne attacked Bate almost breaking his arm. Dunne was yet to smile through the tournament and was as many as they come.

With a dislocated shoulder Bate battled Dunne in the final in a very entertaining match. Dunne played all his dirty tricks, but in the end, Bate was just that good. He pulled the victory again to his and the crowd's amazement.

"I'd like to thank everyone in the ring, all you people, my parents that have driven me all around the country for the last five years, just so I can do what I love now," said Bate. "I'd like to thank my friends that supported me through all of this right now, and I'd like to thank all of you people for coming out and supporting British wrestling. And on that note, Let's drink up."


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