President Trump criticizes EU over $5B Google fine
President Trump criticizes EU over $5B Google fine
Leah Williams - Dec 15, 2018
Trumpís attack comes as the US continues to navigate a strained EU relationship, which now encompasses Google's marketing technology involving Android's mobile operating systems.
Leah Williams - Dec 13, 2018
A Skybox report reveals a notable shift in the preferences of cyberattackers when it comes to choosing the tools of their illegal trade.
Joseph Scalise - Dec 13, 2018
Researchers have created a brand new technology that could help autonomous cars better detect the world around them.
Leah Williams - Dec 09, 2018
The quarterly report comes after a market rout for major tech stocks, demonstrating the ASP of $724 as a notable increase subsequent to the sales reduction in 41.3 million iPhone shipped.
Lliane Hunter - Dec 09, 2018
change:Water Labs attempts to solve sanitation issues in developing countries with its new toilet prototype.
Leah Williams - Dec 07, 2018
Apple Inc. faces a possible delay in new phone launches after major supplier iPhone chipmaker TSMC races to recover after a crippling computer virus impacts third-quarter sales.
Leah Williams - Dec 07, 2018
HP is launching the industry's first bug bounty program aimed squarely at printer security, offering up to $10,000 depending on the severity of the flaw discovered.
Leah Williams - Dec 07, 2018
Numerous parents interviewed by WSJ have now resorted to Fortnite video game tutors for their children in an effort to turn their gaming hobby into a future career or gain scholarships towards college.
Rick Docksai - Dec 07, 2018
Five major pharmaceutical companies are postponing plans to raise prices on some of their drugs in U.S. markets, citing pressure from the Trump administration.
Leah Williams - Dec 05, 2018
IBM requests court jurors to award the company $166.5 million for using four patented technologies.
Leah Williams - Dec 04, 2018
Recent rumors from Nikkei and patent filings suggest the phone may be called the Galaxy F and not Galaxy X as initially speculated, with an unchanged 2019 launch date.
Leah Williams - Dec 04, 2018
WhatsApp now includes group video calling to its iOS and Android app, supporting up to four callers, with capabilities to work under slow network conditions and end-to-end encryption.
Samantha Costanzo - Dec 02, 2018
The layoffs include employees in the public relations, marketing, and distribution divisions of the company, according to an anonymous source.
Samantha Costanzo - Dec 02, 2018
Jenner has made $900 million in the last three years thanks to her thriving Kylie Cosmetics brand, reality TV show, and endorsements, according to Forbes' estimates.
Samantha Costanzo - Nov 30, 2018
Demi Moore's credit card was used to make at least $169,000 in unauthorized purchases.
Leah Williams - Nov 30, 2018
After recent Chrome extension cryptocurrency bans, Google Inc. will officially remove all crypto-mining apps from the Play Store.
Leah Williams - Nov 26, 2018
Among previously-acclaimed patent lawsuits won, a U.S. jury has now awarded Canada's WiLan $145.1 million in damages against Apple.
Leah Williams - Nov 24, 2018
Roku transitions away from the hardware business and into the platform segment.
Rick Docksai - Nov 22, 2018
States are draining their coffers to offer tech giants such as Amazon and FoxConn taxpayer subsidies to come and create jobs.
Joseph Scalise - Nov 22, 2018
Facebook's new unit of time, known as the flick, could help lead to more efficient video and audio production.
Leah Williams - Nov 20, 2018
While remaining shut out of the U.S. market, Huawei raised its shipment forecast to more than 200 million for the year, aiming to become the world's largest phone vendor by the end of 2019.
Leah Williams - Nov 19, 2018
Two ROM-hosting websites, LoveROMs and LoveRETRO, are the target of a recent lawsuit by Nintendo, concerning online piracy and commercial infringement allegations.
Rick Sarlat - Nov 19, 2018
Some workers are at odds with the plant's owners paying such a hefty fee for a soccer player when they're forced to live paycheck to paycheck.
Leah Williams - Nov 16, 2018
Instapaper has 'unpinned" itself from Pinterest, two years after being acquired by the social media giant.
Leah Williams - Nov 16, 2018
A one-year cybercrime involving fake cryptocurrency and 'crypto-jacking' has been unveiled by Kaspersky Labs this week.
Leah Williams - Nov 15, 2018
Amazon is positioned to sell numerous Alexa-powered devices on Prime Day 2018, including a unique shopping experience for Alexa products through the Alexa ordering system.
Susan Konig - Nov 15, 2018
McDonald's takes part in a new global initiative to make children's meals healthier.
Leah Williams - Nov 13, 2018
Apple's new 2018 MacBook Pro demonstrates a faster GPU and an unchanged design.
Leah Williams - Nov 13, 2018
Multinational technology company Apple now recommends third-party Photo Project apps to users as it ends Photo Print Products services.
Leah Williams - Nov 12, 2018
Spotify remains a dominant player globally, while Apple's growth rate propels faster in the U.S., the world's largest market for music.
Leah Williams - Nov 12, 2018
Google Inc. will offer more machine-learning products to help advertisers create personalized search ads, boost shopping, and local campaigns.
Leah Williams - Nov 09, 2018
India's strategy to lure technology manufacturers succeeds, as demonstrated in procuring Samsung Electronics.
Tyler MacDonald - Nov 07, 2018
Disney has officially shut down DisneyToon Studios, which was originally headed by John Lasseter.
Leah Williams - Nov 05, 2018
Addresses stored on Windows Clipboard remain exposed to a 'clipboard hijacking' event associated with Bitcoin malware.
Jakob Morris - Nov 05, 2018
Agreement set to become one of the richest among apparel-design company partnerships with college athletics
Leah Williams - Nov 01, 2018
Smartphone Maker HTC reduces a quarter of its global staff to leverage profits.
Leah Williams - Nov 01, 2018
Facebook continues to delegate more platform moderation duties to algorithms.
Leah Williams - Oct 30, 2018
The photo-sharing platform closes Marketplace and ends Creative Common licensing.
Lliane Hunter - Oct 25, 2018
Thanks to recent USDA deregulations, the "gene-edited food" market just received a boost.
Neil Raymond - Oct 05, 2018
McDonald's salads may be contaminated and sent people to the hospital in Illinois and Iowa.
Leah Williams - Oct 05, 2018
The Charger pulls intake air from three sources, including a new dual-snorkel hood.
Leah Williams - Dec 13, 2018
Completely dominating online streaming viewership, Fortnite has gained over $1 billion in revenue with in-app purchases.
Joseph Scalise - Dec 13, 2018
A group of researchers have created a new metalens that could help make optical devices much more efficient.
Leah Williams - Dec 11, 2018
Corning's Gorilla Glass 6 has been redesigned to include an extra "level of armor", helping the material to survive both repetitive drops and protect mobile devices from higher heights.
Leah Williams - Dec 11, 2018
America's leading home automation producer of security systems, Nest, loses its CEO Marwan Fawaz as employees pressure the company for improved leadership.
Joseph Scalise - Dec 11, 2018
Scientists have developed a new type of beer that is created without using any hops.
Leah Williams - Dec 05, 2018
Giphy brings a library of animated GIFs to the Amazon-owned game streaming service Twitch for the first time.
Leah Williams - Dec 05, 2018
Google takes initiatives to appeal the court verdict, claiming the EU ignored Android's competition against iPhones.
Samantha Costanzo - Dec 04, 2018
The lawsuit claims that the brand's food contains a chemical often found in herbicides and is therefore not "natural," as it is advertised.
Leah Williams - Dec 02, 2018
Touch sensors and Full Active LCD indicates manufacturers will have bezels as thin as 0.5mm.
Rick Docksai - Dec 02, 2018
U.S. consumers' demand for organic produce is growing by 20% a year, and while U.S. farmers struggle to catch up.
Leah Williams - Dec 02, 2018
Deep integration services, using voice technology and speech recognition, will not incorporate visual responses from Alexa.
Leah Williams - Dec 02, 2018
Logitech is growing its list of hardware brands with the acquisition of California-based Blue Microphones for $117 million in an all-cash deal.
Leah Williams - Nov 30, 2018
Stewart Butterfield's startup will subsume Atlassian's corporate chat tools to take on Microsoft.
Samantha Costanzo - Nov 30, 2018
Warner Bros. studios plans to construct an aerial tramway that will transport visitors from its studio lots to the famed Hollywood sign.
Leah Williams - Nov 30, 2018
As the transportation company awaits a permit to incorporate the scooter technology into its public services, Lyft's spokesman DJ Khaled receives an electric scooter for his upcoming tour promotion.
Leah Williams - Nov 24, 2018
An impoverished island off the coast of Africa demonstrates the fastest broadband internet speed, superseding more advances countries by 24.9 megabits per second.
Leah Williams - Nov 22, 2018
Nvidia could be lining up back-to-back monthly launches for the upcoming 11-series GeForce cards, according to an alleged leaked email.
Rick Docksai - Nov 19, 2018
Canada followed through on threat to enact new tariffs on U.S. goods July 1, while U.S. companies said that they are already feeling the pain of the European Union's newly enacted tariffs on U.S. motorcycles, bourbons, and other products.
Leah Williams - Nov 19, 2018
iGeneration reports several "missing" features will come to HomePod's iOS 12 update this fall, including multiple timers and phone calls.
Leah Williams - Nov 19, 2018
Logic board failures can result in the total loss of user data on the latest 2018 version of the MacBook Pro.
Leah Williams - Nov 16, 2018
The United States' largest digital currency exchange Coinbase receives regulatory approval to list digital coins that are considered to be securities.
Harry Marcolis - Nov 16, 2018
Tech giants such as Google and Facebook are employing underhand tactics to get peoples' brains hooked to smartphones.
Leah Williams - Nov 15, 2018
Site Isolation separates each renderer process in the latest Chrome browser, implementing a dedicated method for all websites to limit sharing processes.
Leah Williams - Nov 13, 2018
Xbox One S and Xbox One X will support Dolby's HDR format from July 11, with a present limitation for video streaming.
Lliane Hunter - Nov 07, 2018
AI may take the lead in making investments, predicts venture capitalist.
Leah Williams - Nov 05, 2018
Huawei's will debut the first 8GB RAM smartphone with GPU Turbo mode, lowering battery usage by 30 percent.
Rick Docksai - Nov 05, 2018
Amazon's purchase of online pharmacy retailer PillPack has some investors fearing that the e-commerce giant.
Leah Williams - Nov 03, 2018
Approved June 28th by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the patent may indicate new Huawei Watch 3 innovations.
Leah Williams - Nov 03, 2018
The Federal Trade Commission receives court-appointed authority to charge internet marketers in violation of dishonest online continuity plans.
Leah Williams - Nov 03, 2018
The partnership will integrate autonomous vehicle technology using Intel's Mobileye's RSS and Surround Computer Vision Kit.
Leah Williams - Oct 30, 2018
Facial recognition software used by Microsoft has been improved to detect individuals of all skin contrasts.
Sonnet Swire - Oct 30, 2018
Trump's latest trade rant on Twitter suggests he's serious about advancing plans for auto tariffs.
Rick Docksai - Oct 30, 2018
President Trump accused Harley-Davidson of "waving the white flag" Monday over its decision to shift motorcycle production from U.S. sites to overseas ones in response to the EU's new retaliatory tariffs.
Samantha Costanzo - Oct 28, 2018
In an effort to revitalize its basketball sneaker category, Puma named Jay-Z its creative director on Monday.
Rick Docksai - Oct 28, 2018
Iran's currency has dropped nearly 50% in value over the last six months--in large part because of the return of U.S. sanctions--and Iranian merchants held a mass strike Monday to protest it.
Lliane Hunter - Oct 28, 2018
Competition heats up among top cloud providers to deliver more consumer friendly AI products.
Lliane Hunter - Oct 05, 2018
Biotech companies continue to hammer out the kinks in gene-editing technology.
Leah Williams - Oct 05, 2018
With no affiliation with AOL, the Instant Messenger AIM returns as AIM Phoenix, with an opportunity for old username acquisition.
Tyler Henderson - Oct 05, 2018
Colin Kapernick is suing the NFL over the refusal by any team to sign him on as a quarterback. He contends that they are all collectively punishing him for his national-anthem protests last year and that, if so, they are violating the NFL's own collective bargaining agreement against "collusion."
Leah Williams - Oct 01, 2018
With a free version offering limitless messages and shareable storage, Microsoft's Teams software gains a leading edge over Slack.
Samantha Costanzo - Oct 01, 2018
Beyonce and Jay-Z's latest album,-Everything is Love, has been released on Spotify Premium, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.
Sonnet Swire - Sep 24, 2018
The Trump family entered a court filing Thursday claiming the lawsuit was politically motivated and contains factual and legal errors.
Sonnet Swire - Sep 24, 2018
Leaving the World Trade Organization (WTO) would upend-the decades-old international trade system, and cause chaos in markets around the globe.
Dawn Geske - Sep 17, 2018
Tiffany attributes its growth to new jewelry collections and a renewed focus on its brand.
Dawn Geske - Sep 14, 2018
Kroger will purchase Home Chef for $200 million and offer its meal kits online and select stores initially.
Leah Williams - Sep 08, 2018
North Korea has reportedly hacked a cryptocurrency exchange with a 'first' macOS and Windows malware.
Delila James - Sep 08, 2018
Citizens for Responsibility in Washington, a government watchdog group, described the move as too little coming too late.
Tyler MacDonald - Sep 08, 2018
Analysts believe that Russia is purchasing more gold in order to avoid sanctions.
Tyler MacDonald - Sep 07, 2018
Despite a popular Warren Buffet copycat account making the rounds on Twitter.
Leah Williams - Sep 02, 2018
Tech titan Apple Inc. inches closer to a $1T market cap as the company prepares to unveil a new generation of iPhones this month.