Trump revokes security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan
Trump revokes security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan
Delila James - 8 hours ago
Sanders told reporters the administration is currently evaluating clearances.
Lagboye Kadiri - Aug 15, 2018
President Donald Trump on Monday revealed he kept former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman .
Rick Docksai - Aug 14, 2018
Labor unions see a recent pro-union ballot win in very red-state Missouri as a sign that the issue of workers' rights is gaining traction among Trump's voting base.
Rick Docksai - Aug 14, 2018
FBI agent Peter Strzok lost his job Friday over his anti-Trump tweets, according to his lawyer, who blasted the termination as a politically motivated attack on free speech and FBI procedures.
Lagboye Kadiri - Aug 10, 2018
President Donald Trump on Tuesday predicted that gross domestic product growth (GDP) in the next quarter.
Rick Sarlat - Aug 08, 2018
The three-part mini-series showcases the important role athletes can play in bringing about change.
Sonnet Swire - Aug 08, 2018
Bolton's bleak assessment contradicts Trump's attempts to reassure skeptics that Kim will honor the Singapore agreement to denuclearize.
Leah Williams - Aug 07, 2018
First Lady Melania Trump and NBA superstar Michael Jordan show support for LA Lakers star LeBron James community contributions following a controversial CNN interview.
Sonnet Swire - Aug 06, 2018
Special counsel Robert Mueller is examining Trump Jr.'s role in arranging a June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower between a Russian lawyer and Trump campaign officials.
Lagboye Kadiri - Aug 06, 2018
President Donald Trump on Wednesday urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions to "stop this rigged witch hunt".
Rick Docksai - Aug 06, 2018
President Trump is pushing harder for a sit-down interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's teams.
Rick Docksai - Aug 06, 2018
The race for Ohio's 12 Congressional seat is now a tossup just days away from the special election on Tuesday, and that is giving GOP strategists reason to worry--both for the district and for GOP prospects this fall in other, similar districts nationwide.
Samantha Costanzo - Aug 04, 2018
In the interview, however, Trump clearly stated that the firing had happened over the Russia investigation.
Ephy Mukundi - Aug 04, 2018
Madonna suggests Donald Trump motivated her move to Portugal.
Delila James - Aug 02, 2018
Last month, House Republicans also shot down a request for additional funds to bolster election security.
Delila James - Aug 02, 2018
In a 2-1 decision, the court said only Congress has the authority to place conditions on federal funds.
Delila James - Aug 02, 2018
Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said the president was merely expressing his opinion.
Sonnet Swire - Aug 01, 2018
A shutdown so close to the November midterms could prove disastrous for Republicans.
Sonnet Swire - Aug 01, 2018
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan believe that Trump agreed to their plan to leave the border wall fight until after the election this fall.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 31, 2018
Vice President Mike Pence strongly support the White House decision to ban a CNN reporter from a press event last week, citing the need to maintain "decorum."
Delila James - Jul 27, 2018
Cohen is ready to relate his recollection of events to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 27, 2018
A man who detonated a small explosive near the U.S. embassy in Beijing, injured only himself, officials said.
Delila James - Jul 27, 2018
Eighteen states and a coalition of immigrant advocate groups are challenging the citizenship question.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 26, 2018
The meeting about election security comes about a week after Trump appeared to raise doubts about the intelligence community's conclusion that Russia is continuing to target the US.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 26, 2018
John Bolton announced the next summit between Trump and Putin will be "after the first of the year" and following the conclusion of the Russia probe.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 26, 2018
President Donald Trump on Tuesday has kept open the chances of negotiating an agreement to denuclearize Iran.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 26, 2018
North Korea has begin dismantling key facilities at its main satellite launch site.
Delila James - Jul 26, 2018
When Trump was elected, he promised to donate all profits earned from foreign governments to the U.S. Treasury.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 25, 2018
The UK government has been accused of undermining its longstanding opposition to death penalty as it was alleged.
Delila James - Jul 25, 2018
Republican lawmakers expressed frustration with the Trump administration's trade war.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 23, 2018
The special master who was assigned to review seized items from Cohen by the FBI said the 12 audio tapes were released to federal investigators and prosecutors.
Delila James - Jul 21, 2018
Trump is worried that high U.S. interest rates will make China more attractive.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 19, 2018
Senior European officials say they are starting to see President Donald Trump as 'separate' from the United States.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 17, 2018
President Donald Trump kept Queen Elizabeth II waiting for several minutes before he arrived for their meeting at Windsor Castle.
Delila James - Jul 17, 2018
Roger Stone, GOP political operative and former Trump campaign adviser.
Rick Sarlat - Jul 17, 2018
The UFC bad boy called Putin a great leader on social media.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 16, 2018
As government leaders in the U.S. and around the world reel from Trump's performance at the Helsinki summit, Senate Democrats start to roll out their condemnation.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 16, 2018
Conservatives reportedly are launching a new effort to dismiss Rosenstein and are putting the finishing touches on an impeachment filing.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 16, 2018
In an extraordinary scene broadcast live to the world, Trump refused to condemn Russia's meddling in the election and instead complained that the allegations have created doubts about the legitimacy of his presidency.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 12, 2018
The three lawmakers that introduced the bill argue that ICE has become "militarized" in its approach to deportations.
Rick Docksai - Jul 12, 2018
The Trump administration is releasing a number of detained migrants with ankle monitors, in what is essentially a reinstatement of the "catch-and-release" policies that President Trump purportedly hates.
Samantha Costanzo - 8 hours ago
The accounts are also suspended from Periscope, a Twitter-owned live streaming platform.
Sonnet Swire - Aug 15, 2018
Manafort could face up to 10 years in prison for tax fraud alone based on the level of the offense and his criminal history.
Rick Docksai - Aug 09, 2018
The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on Russia, albeit only after repeated pressure from Congress, for the poisoning of an ex-spy and his daughter in the U.K. last year.
Ephy Mukundi - Aug 08, 2018
Rosie O'Donnell leads anti-Trump Broadway sing-along at the White House.
Sonnet Swire - Aug 06, 2018
"I think Donald Trump decides where he wants to go," the Republican Ohio governor said in an interview.
Rick Docksai - Aug 06, 2018
Eight months after President Trump's tax cut went into effect, wage growth nationwide is stalling out at less than a percentage point higher than inflation.
Sonnet Swire - Aug 02, 2018
Trump also accused special counsel Robert Mueller of being "totally conflicted," in a series of tweets without offering evidence for his claims.
Rick Docksai - Aug 01, 2018
A right-of-center think tank report critiquing the potential costs of single-payer national health insurance found that it could lower health-care spending overall by $2 trillion or more over the next decade.
Delila James - Aug 01, 2018
The judge ruled that imposing a gag order in a non-criminal procedure would violate Avenatti's right to free speech.
Sonnet Swire - Aug 01, 2018
The 18 counts facing the former Trump campaign chairman include allegedly laundering $30 million from work for pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians and hiding money overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
Delila James - Aug 01, 2018
The phony accounts organized dozens of real-time events and at least one of the pages had nearly 300,000 followers, Facebook said.
Delila James - Jul 31, 2018
Trump initially teased the possibility of a government shutdown in tweet on Sunday.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 31, 2018
Mueller is reportedly investigating whether President Trump obstructed justice.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 28, 2018
President Donald Trump on Thursday accused Twitter of "discriminatory and illegal practice," vowing in a tweet to look into the matter.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 27, 2018
While the impeachment option remains on the table, Meadows is walking back his articles of impeachment move by saying he hopes it will be a contempt process instead, after discussions with House leadership.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 26, 2018
An internal White House email said that the president caused "a bit of a stir" on Air Force One because the television was tuned in to CNN.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 26, 2018
Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has issued a strong warning to Moscow that more sanctions.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 26, 2018
Russia on Tuesday remained silent about whether it would accept an invitation from U.S. President Donald Trump.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 26, 2018
Pompeo accused Russia of breaking globally agreed upon principles in 2014 when it invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimean peninsula.
Samantha Costanzo - Jul 26, 2018
Republican state representative Jason Spencer has resigned after yelling the n-word and showing his rear on Sacha Baron Cohen's show-Who Is America?
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 25, 2018
Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman is about to face the toughest challenge in his career as he face a federal judge.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 25, 2018
The Iran government on Monday responded to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's comments.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 25, 2018
For threatening the United States, President Donald Trump has warned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 25, 2018
Rwanda's President Paul Kagame on Monday hosted two world leaders, China's President Xi Jinping.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 24, 2018
Ryan, the republican House speaker, has consistently stated that Putin is "not our ally" and believes Russia tried to interfere with the 2016 election.
Delila James - Jul 24, 2018
Clapper called the threat to revoke his security clearance "a very, very petty thing to do."
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 20, 2018
President Donald Trump in a tweet on Wednesday said Russia has agreed to help improve relations with North Korea.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 19, 2018
If Putin accepts the invitation, the trip would mark his first visit to the White House in more than a decade.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 19, 2018
Nielsen underscored her support for the election interference assessment, but sidestepped whether Russia's motive was to help Trump and hurt his Democratic opponent.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 19, 2018
President Trump has told a British interviewer Piers Morgan that Queen Elizabeth II told him Brexit is "complex".
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 18, 2018
President Trump kept Queen Elizabeth II waiting for several minutes before he arrived.
Delila James - Jul 18, 2018
In striking contrast, voters who cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Delila James - Jul 18, 2018
Trump also offered what many will see as belated support for U.S. intelligence agencies.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 17, 2018
The Wisconsin Republican, along with retiring House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, have dismissed conservatives' weekslong push to impeach Rosenstein.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 17, 2018
ACLU attorneys said the delay was necessary because of "persistent and increasing rumors," which Defendants have refused to deny, that mass deportations may be carried out immediately upon reunification.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 17, 2018
An appeal from Britain, France and Germany to grant broad exemptions to European companies doing business in Iran.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 17, 2018
President Donald Trump after his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in Helsinki, Finland on Monday.
Delila James - Jul 17, 2018
Former CIA director and intelligence officer John Brennan went so far as to accuse the president of treason.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 17, 2018
Democrats have asked President Trump to cancel his planned meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin.
Lagboye Kadiri - Jul 17, 2018
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, alongside other top U.S. officials traveled to Mexico Friday for talks with the country's president-elect.
Delila James - Jul 16, 2018
Some legislators are calling on Trump to cancel his upcoming meeting with Putin.
Delila James - Jul 12, 2018
The two Republicans who introduced the tariffs motion believe Wednesday's vote will help build momentum for future binding legislation.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 11, 2018
Lisa Page's attorney said Wednesday that Page is not refusing to cooperate with the committees but had been treated unfairly.
Sonnet Swire - Jul 11, 2018
The resolution came a day after the Senate approved a nonbinding motion 97-2 expressing support for the alliance.
Delila James - Jul 11, 2018
The plight of the Hammonds inspired Ammon Bundy to lead a 41-day armed occupation of Oregon's Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.
Samantha Costanzo - Jul 11, 2018
President Trump criticized late night talk show hosts during a campaign rally in South Carolina two weeks ago, and Jimmy Kimmel responded last night on his show.
Rick Docksai - Jul 09, 2018
A federal judge will decide later this month if the white nationalist who organized last year's deadly "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville will get to hold a "Unite the Right 2" there on the anniversary next month.
Rick Docksai - Jul 09, 2018
The Trump administration is putting potentially $10 billion or more of Obamacare reimbursements to insurers on hold, citing a March court order.
Rick Docksai - Jul 09, 2018
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in North Korea today, trying to get some concrete commitments from North Korean leaders on when and how they intend to fulfill leader Kim Jong Un's pledge to get rid of the country's nuclear arsenal.
Delila James - Jul 07, 2018
The government also contended it is too difficult to locate parents.